Senate sources report that CISPA (the controversial Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act) likely will not come up for a vote this year.



The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill sponsored by Senators Jim Leahy and Mike Lee that would require law enforcement and government to obtain warrants before searching electronic communications.



The Homeland Security Department's lack of forthrightness in explaining its supposed need for hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition was exposed at a hearing Thursday in Washington.

According to research, CISPA supporters spent $605 million convincing congressmen to vote for the bill, outspending opponents 38 to one.

Legislation that would permit states to impose state and local taxes on Internet purchases is currently making its way through Congress. On Monday, the Senate's procedural vote to move the bill forward was 74 to 20 after it received a hearty endorsement from President Obama. The Senate will now begin debate on amendments before the final vote on the bill scheduled later this week.

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