After a lot of promises and talk about defunding the notorious abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and even after the shocking videos released exposing the harvesting and selling of aborted baby body parts, the GOP still has not defunded the organization. While this might spark outrage, and rightly so, unfortunately it should not come as a surprise.

Congressman Massie of Kentucky blames House Republican leadership for the passage of the monstrous omnibus spending bill, but he also blames the entire Republican caucus for voting for such leadership as Paul Ryan. He argues that Republicans need to quit voting for members of Congress that choose such leadership.

Congressional Democrats are pushing for an assault weapons ban in wake of the Florida school shooting.

In a series of enormously popular posts on social media, liberty-minded Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky dissected what he called the “sad excuse” for legislation more commonly known as the omnibus spending bill.

While Facebook is reeling from the revelation of the Cambridge Analytica data breach that was used by Team Trump to sway the election, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is spending his time in anemic attempts at damage control. Besides issuing an “apology” that comes off more like a rousing game of dodge the blame, he told CNN Wednesday that he is open to the idea of governmental regulation of his company and his industry.

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