newspaper and billfoldSenator Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.) introduced “The Newspaper Revitalization Act” on March 24 of this year. The legislation would allow the nation’s struggling newspapers to restructure as nonprofit, tax-exempt entities similar to public broadcasting stations.

john kerryAs the President and First Lady jaunt off to Copenhagen — on separate planes — to push for Chicago hosting the 2016 Olympics, Democrats in the U.S. Senate are trying to get ready for another meeting in Copenhagen: the UN Climate Change Conference in December. While the Obamas were working to maximize their “carbon footprint,” Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry were introducing legislation that is ostensibly aim at eliminating everyone else’s.

moneyThe House of Representatives passed a temporary spending bill on September 25 to keep the federal government in business through October. In order to avoid a government shutdown, the Senate must now approve the measure before the new fiscal year starts on October 1.

ron paul fed hearingsThe House Committee on Financial Services held its first major hearing on H.R. 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, today. H.R. 1207, originally introduced by Ron Paul (R-Texas), now has 295 cosponsors in the House and a great deal of public support. (The bill’s Senate equivalent, S.604, called the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act, has 28 cosponsors.)

dishThe House and the Senate are scheduled to conduct their initial committee hearings this week on the question of reauthorizing three sections of the Patriot Act that will expire at the end of this year.

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