Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown sent an e-mail blast to constituents denouncing Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership initiative days after sending the president a letter calling for transparency.

“TPP is dead until the lame duck," according to two GOP congressional staffers.

Though the announced federal deficit for the 2015 fiscal year fell to an eight-year low, the celebration for conquering the national debt is way premature.

A former investigator who was fired from Congress' Benghazi probe made headlines across America over the weekend, claiming that the House of Representatives' investigation into the deadly attack was actually aimed at tarnishing the image of Democrat 2016 presidential contender and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rather than getting the truth. Through a spokesperson, the House Select Committee on Benghazi promptly and “vigorously” denied the allegations. Either way, the back and forth between the alleged whistleblower and the investigative committee appears to confirm that the real issues — gun-running to jihadists, White House support for designated terror organizations, unlawful regime-change machinations, and more — are still not being properly investigated. 

John Boehner's handpicked successor for speaker of the House, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, shocked the Washington establishment by withdrawing his name from consideration as speaker. His withdrawal may allow the candidacy of more principled House members, but Boehner and his backers have other plans.

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