Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Texas) has presented a plan to "permanently save Social Security." However, there's no such thing as a "permanent" fix for what ails Social Security.

Robert Welch, the founder of The John Birch Society, has been proven right again: As government grows, it becomes ever more deliberately wasteful of taxpayer dollars. 

Ohio's Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan may want to appear more appealing to middle-America than San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi, but would he really be any different?

In what Democrats and the Left hoped would be a steal reclaiming control of both the House and Senate on the coattails of a much-anticipated Clinton victory, Republicans firmly held their ground retaining control of both chambers of Congress as Donald Trump wins the presidency.

The joy of the first override of one of President Barack Obama's vetoes is likely to fade as its future negative impact on U.S. security and intelligence services is revealed.

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