The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would reward Hanoi’s State-Owned Enterprises and their Wall Street allies, as Americans lose jobs and the communist regime cracks down on Vietnamese political dissent and religious believers.

Milions of American jobs, as well as hundreds of thousands of family farms and ranches, along with small, medium, and large American businesses are threatened by the Trans-Pacific Partnership's SOE provisions.

For the first time since ObamaCare became the law of the land, Congress has sent legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act to President Obama’s desk for signature. While the bill is most certainly going to be vetoed, it still marks a significant moment for the GOP-led Congress.

Nonprofit and charitable organizations are raising alarm bells over a proposed IRS regulatory change that they say could have a “chilling effect” on donations.

The conspiracy of Republican and Democrat congressional leaders to hide a massive surveillance bill inside the $1.1-trillion spending package passed last week has drawn the criticism of a couple of constitutionally consistent congressmen.

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