Representative Paul Ryan talks a good game, but conservatives can expect no action on their behalf from the new speaker of the House.

On October 30, the Republican–controlled Senate voted 64 to 35 to pass the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which began its life in the Republican-controlled House as H.R. 1314. The new budget increases spending by more than $100 billion, and will allow the nation’s national debt to reach $20 trillion.




Senator Rand Paul promised to do "all he can" to block the vote on the debt ceiling deal worked out by the White House and GOP leadership.

After a cache of documents detailing the drone war was leaked, a congressman is calling for greater congressional oversight of the program.

Department of Homeland Security leaders are lobbying the Senate to pass CISA, a bill that would give the fedreal government access to private data of Internet users.

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