President Trump has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to influence American law and jurisprudence.

A key Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agent in the case involving cattle rancher Clive Bundy is accused of misconduct. However, the deeper issue is where is the constitutional basis for the federal government owning land in the states?

The immediate issue is whether the administration will be able to enforce Trump’s travel ban while it is is still being challenged in the federal judiciary. 

It’s no surprise the Democrats plan to fight against the nomination of President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge Neil Gorsuch. There are no confirmation battles like Supreme Court confirmation battles because, as we always hear, such a decision can “shape the country for a generation.” But this doesn’t sound like the role envisioned by the founders.

Could this tiny, insignificant, unheralded gun control decision in Kansas lead to a challenge of the notorious National Firearms Act of 1934?



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