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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Obama’s EPA: Weapon of Choice in UN-backed War on Freedom

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The exploitation of Native Americans to seize more power and land is not just a domestic issue — either in origin or scope. In February 2013, The New American magazine ran an article headlined “Exploiting Indians to Seize Land,” detailing elements of the planetary phenomenon. In 2006, after decades of negotiations, the dictator-dominated United Nations “Human Rights Council” adopted the so-called UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It was approved by the despot-controlled UN General Assembly the next year.

At first, just four national governments — Australia, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand — opposed the radical plot. All four eventually caved in. There was good reason to be skeptical, though. Article 26 of the document, for example, purports to mandate the recognition and return of indigenous peoples’ lands that are now lawfully owned by other citizens. “Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired,” the document states, a position that several governments criticized when refusing to support the declaration. Considering the fact that Native Americans once “owned, occupied or otherwise used” virtually the entire American landmass, the radical implications of the agreement can hardly be emphasized strongly enough.

In Article 29, the document lays out a plot that bears remarkable similarities and parallels to the ongoing federal regulatory assaults under the guise of “Indian sovereignty” taking place across America. The article states that national governments “shall establish and implement” so-called environmental protection and conservation schemes on Indian lands — two of the key mechanisms exploited by opponents of private property, economic development, and national sovereignty to infringe on individual rights. How national regulations and supposed Indian “sovereignty” can coexist is never made clear. The EPA and other federal agencies, though, are working away “establishing and implementing” alleged “environmental” and “conservation” schemes in Indian country and beyond with the bought-and-paid-for collaboration of federally funded tribal governments.

Obama publicly announced that his administration was supporting the UN declaration at the end of 2010. Now, despite the fact that the U.S. Senate never ratified the agreement, Obama is apparently working to implement it — and doing so openly. “The United States intends to continue to work so that the laws and mechanisms it has put in place to recognize existing, and accommodate the acquisition of additional, land, territory, and natural resource rights under U.S. law function properly and to facilitate, as appropriate, access by indigenous peoples to the traditional lands, territories and natural resources in which they have an interest,” a State Department statement about the UN deal acknowledged.

According to the announcement, the Obama administration had already acquired more than 34,000 acres of land for Indians — a 225 percent increase from 2006.

The UN, though, wants still more, even making the Obama administration’s antics seem tame by comparison. In 2012, for example, the UN “Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People,” James Anaya, claimed that Americans should return vast tracts of land to Native Americans — including the iconic Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Such a move, he claimed, would help put the U.S. government closer into compliance with the so-called UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Americans may already be suffering, but a brief look at “indigenous” developments in Brazil paints a potentially far more horrifying future for the United States if the schemes are not reined in. As The New American reported in the February 2013 article, federal troops in Brazil wearing UN logos, acting under executive decrees from “former” communist terrorist President Dilma Rousseff, were caught evicting entire towns at gunpoint. “Where are we going to stay? Where are we going to live? What are we going to live off of? What are we going to eat going forward?” wondered a tearful girl outside one of the town’s two schools in a TV interview. “I’ve lived here all my 17 years and I’m not leaving.” Local property owner Paulo Gonçalves, whose land was expropriated during the evictions, blasted the schemes in a phone interview with The New American. “What’s happening here is a great injustice being perpetrated by Dilma’s government,” Gonçalves said. “They are throwing all of those poor families out on the street.... There are now more than 350 families living in just one school, with all of their belongings, they have no place to go, nothing.”

The atrocities against non-Indians were being perpetrated under the fraudulent guise of returning land to a small band of Indians. Many members of that tribe, though, openly admitted, as the Brazilian government did on multiple occasions, that the territory had never been theirs to begin with. Still, the scheme is all taking place as the Brazilian executive-branch regime unilaterally implements the UN agreement without so much as ratification by the Congress. Similar trends are unfolding in free nations worldwide.

The UN Agenda 21 “sustainable development” scheme, which has been covered extensively in these pages, also focuses on how native populations will be exploited for the war on property rights, national sovereignty, free markets, and more. Chapter 26 of the massive document is entitled “Recognizing and Strengthening the Role of Indigenous People and Their Communities.” In the section, the UN states: “In view of the interrelationship between the natural environment and its sustainable development and the cultural, social, economic and physical well-being of indigenous people, national and international efforts to implement environmentally sound and sustainable development should recognize, accommodate, promote and strengthen the role of indigenous people and their communities.”

Like the UN agreement on indigenous peoples, Agenda 21 has never been ratified by the U.S. Senate as required by the U.S. Constitution, yet it is still being implemented across the country. Indeed, reading through the relevant section of Agenda 21 and comparing it to U.S. policy development vis-à-vis Indians, it is clear that the UN plot has had a major impact on federal policy. Even Bureau of Land Management “Resource Management Plans” in areas with no Indians at all are now bringing in the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a “partner.” Agenda 21’s Chapter 26 explains in its “objectives” section that, in “full partnership with indigenous people and their communities,” governments and intergovernmental organizations such as the UN should establish “arrangements to strengthen the active participation of indigenous people and their communities in the national formulation of policies, laws and programmes relating to resource management.” It also calls for the involvement of “indigenous people and their communities at the national and local levels in resource management and conservation strategies.” There are countless similar examples.

Outside of America, totalitarian governments are also seizing on the UN “indigenous” schemes to advance what they refer to as a “New World Order.” At a June G-77 plus China summit in Bolivia, more than 130 national governments — including many of the most barbaric communist and Islamist regimes on the planet — signed a declaration entitled “Toward a New World Order to Live Well.” The radical document, in addition to calling for a centrally planned global government and massive wealth redistribution, placed a large emphasis on the role of tribal governments in bringing about their nightmarish vision. “We stress the importance of indigenous peoples in the achievement of sustainable development,” the declaration said, with “sustainable development” being the unifying theme behind their so-called New World Order. The word “indigenous” appears more than 25 times in the document.

At the UN, of course, a wide range of other pretexts is also being used to advance an agenda that is deeply and openly hostile to property rights — with Agenda 21 and “sustainable development” among the key mechanisms. The ultimate goals, however, regardless of what pretext is used, have already been made perfectly clear by the UN itself. In its Habitat I Conference Report, for example, the UN claimed: “[Land] cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.... Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.”

The Broader War on America, Starring EPA

Beyond Riverton and Wyoming (see our related article "Exploiting Indians"), the EPA scheme is just a small part of the growing UN-linked assaults being witnessed across the United States and the world. However, it illustrates some key principles. “It’s interesting that it was the EPA which imposed this taking,” explained Tom DeWeese, chief of the pro-property rights and pro-national sovereignty American Policy Center (APC). “Throughout U.S. history dealings with the Indian tribes has been mostly through the Department of Interior. With the EPA’s involvement, Americans need to understand the true revolution that is changing our country under the excuse of environmental protection and in the name of globalism.”

The EPA, continued DeWeese in comments to The New American, “has become Obama’s sledgehammer to enforce most of his changes in America.” Among other targets, he said, the environmental agency “is being used to destroy industry, enforce controls over energy and water, stop development, and destroy the existence of private property rights in America.” Now, “it is being used to actually eliminate the very fact of national or state sovereignty.”

Speaking of the UN Indians agreement signed by Obama and other national governments, DeWeese said that it was important to understand the broader context and mindset behind the schemes. To truly grasp what the treaty is designed to do, the APC chief offered a variety of globalist quotes. The UN’s own “Commission on Global Governance” made that clear as well: “The concept of national sovereignty has been immutable, indeed a sacred principle of international relations,” it stated. “It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation.”

“The bottom line is this: the drive to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and that of its individual states is one of the most radical concepts in human history,” DeWeese concluded. “Always before, the only way to achieve global governance was through violence and conquest, usually by a power-mad dictator. But today, in order to make it happen, the UN’s plan is for a nation to voluntarily concede. No other president in U.S. history would ever have dared take such radical action. Barack Obama is dedicated to the plan of global governance and is unafraid of making these radical moves. He has no loyalty to the United States. He has no notion of sovereignty or private property. The EPA is his weapon of choice, because it’s ‘globally’ and ‘environmentally’ correct.”

A Pattern of Environmental “Protection” Abuse

Indeed, even a brief review of the EPA’s activities — especially recently — would make that conclusion hard to escape. For example, around the same time the Wyoming reservation decision was announced by the EPA, itself created by an executive order, the agency also announced drastic new regulations supposedly aimed at reducing “pollution” from power plants in the state, drawing massive outrage.

This year, the agency continues to spew gargantuan amounts of economy- and liberty-crushing “regulations,” including new schemes that would purport to put virtually every body of water under federal control — even if it has been dry for centuries. That plot has been described by lawmakers and analysts as the largest land grab in history.

Separately, the EPA is also under fire for radical new decrees that will shut down hundreds of power plants across America under the guise of fighting “global warming” and “carbon pollution” — also known as CO2, or human breath, and referred to by scientists as the “gas of life.” When Obama failed to get his cap-and-trade scheme through Congress, he simply had his EPA foist it on America by decree.

In July, the EPA announced a “regulation” that will allow it to plunder Americans’ bank accounts at will, without so much as a court order. If it goes forward, the EPA would even be able to garnish the paychecks of anyone it accuses of violating its mountains of regulations without any semblance of due process of law.

Nationwide, meanwhile, the out-of-control agency is facing increasing scrutiny after its most highly paid bureaucrat and chief “global warming” propagandist was sentenced to prison for fraud. Its top bosses were also facing multiple accusations of criminal activity. More recently, a self-styled “Homeland Security” unit at the EPA, run from the White House, was exposed by the agency’s Office of the Inspector General trying to cover up scandals and prevent investigations. The scandals seem to never end, all while a complicit Congress continues showering taxpayer funds on the rogue agency.

Other tentacles of the Obama administration are engaged in shenanigans that fit nicely with the broader agenda, too. In November 2013, for example, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell brazenly threatened that Obama would bypass Congress and start seizing even more land under the guise of creating “national monuments.” “The president will not hesitate,” she told the Los Angeles Times last November. “I can tell you that there are places that are ripe for setting aside, with a tremendous groundswell of public support.” Of course, the U.S. government already claims ownership over some 650 million acres of land — about a third of America’s total landmass. What remains in private hands may not be far behind at this rate.

At the same time, the Obama administration has been attacking national sovereignty and promoting globalism more than any other administration in history. On everything from going to war based on UN resolutions and boosting the self-styled “International Criminal Court” to imposing dangerous UN agreements without ratification and seeking massive budget increases for the UN’s “peacekeeping” military forces, Obama has gone all out in supporting the global outfit.

Fixing the problems

Author and federal Indian policy expert Elaine Willman, calling the joint tribal-federal government problems facing America “very serious,” has some suggestions for reining in the disaster. “The expansion of federal agency ‘footprints’ escalating federal jurisdictional, administrative and regulatory authority over state lands urgently needs to awaken the state governors and state legislatures, who seem to be the ‘sleeping giants’ these days,” she told The New American. However, “none of this horrible federal hoax can stand the stark sunshine of the U.S. Constitution.”

Unfortunately, she says, human nature is such that until Americans are personally impacted by these issues, they will likely remain uninformed and uninterested. To stop the assault will require major educational efforts.

When it comes to tribal governments and reservations, she suggests finding a process that would transition the tribes into a sort of non-profit organization that could govern itself, with title for trust lands going to the corporation having tribe members as shareholders. The Amish communities across America, she says, offer an excellent example of how social and cultural groups can keep their traditions and lifestyles alive — without federal subsidies or special race-based treatment, and without infringing on the rights of other Americans.

Of course, the scope of the broader problems is enormous — almost too vast to comprehend. However, Congress could shut it all down easily by simply disbanding the EPA, defunding Obama’s power grabs, withdrawing from the UN, and undoing the disaster that federal Indian policy has become. Without serious action to rein in the feds, all Americans, including Natives, will end up suffering — along with the rest of humanity.

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