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Inauguration or Coup: Which Will It Be?

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Is the U.S. “Intelligence Community” plotting a coup against President-elect Donald Trump to keep him from being inaugurated as President Trump? Or is their plan to remove him shortly after the Obama-Trump transition? Since the November elections, there has been much speculation to that effect, on official media sites of the Russian government, as well as blogs, Internet sites and talk-radio programs spanning the political spectrum from Left to Right. Is this crazy conspiracy theory? Wild and wacky sensationalism? That’s the kind of thing that happens in banana republics, but not here, right?

Considering the unprecedented spectacle we have witnessed over the past several months, with the entire political-financial-media-intelligence ruling class ganging up to stop Donald Trump, and the potential threat that a Trump presidency poses to a century of globalist plans for a vaunted “new world order,” a coup scenario is not in the least absurd. Since Election Day, the stage has been set with escalating charges aimed at delegitimizing the president-elect and convincing the American public that Trump’s election victory was the result of hacking and interference by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. The New American’s C. Mitchell Shaw has reported on and analyzed the so-called “intelligence” claims regarding the alleged Trump/Russia connections in a series of stories that demonstrate an orchestrated effort by the political-financial elites and their operatives running our intelligence agencies to subvert our constitutional system and the rule of law. (See the stories linked at the bottom of this article.)

The kind of open interference we are seeing by intelligence chiefs in political matters at the highest levels of government, in collusion with attacks by media organizations and elected opposition leaders, betokens a very ominous plan to disrupt the incoming administration. And, as we have reported (here, here, and here, for example), these high-level attacks are proceeding in tandem with unprecedented “protests” and plans for disruptive violence on Inauguration Day by radical rent-a-mobs and professional rioters.

CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and the rest of the establishment media choir are continuing their relentless lambasting of Trump, in a last-ditch effort to gin up support for the contention that his election was not “legitimate.” One of the latest salvos in that regard is the ranting of pro-Communist Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) on NBC News this past Friday. “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Rep. Lewis said of Trump. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

As to be expected, the Huffington Post picked up the Lewis broadside and turned it into another replay of the ludicrous claim that the election was “stolen” from Hillary Rodham Clinton. Titled “The Legitimate President,” Alex Mohajer’s HuffPo column for January 15 begins with this subtitle: “The evidence is clear. Courts must use the broad discretionary powers with which they are vested to enjoin Donald Trump, an illegitimate president, from taking office.”

“Hillary Clinton is the rightful President-elect of the United States,” declares the HuffPo scribbler, before going on to rehash the same propaganda line that Team Clinton has been pushing for months. “Every major intelligence agency in the country has reached the same conclusion: Russian hackers engaged in cyber attacks with the express purpose of helping Donald Trump win the election,” wrote Mohajer. “They operated at the directive of Russian President Vladimir Putin, apparently motivated by his hatred for Clinton.”

Moreover, says Mohajer, “Mr. Trump’s reticence to disclose his foreign assets, paint a troubling picture of a president-elect groomed, owned by, and acting in concert with a hostile foreign power.” Over the past several weeks this “Trump vs. the Intelligence Community” propaganda narrative has continued building, even though the Buzzfeed/CNN intel leak of the phony Russian sexcapades “dossier” aimed at damaging Trump blew up in his accusers' faces (see here and here).

First of all, it should be noted that this is not about Trump vs. the “Intelligence Community.” It is not about the thousands of rank and file intelligence analysts/agents/operatives, many of whose functions are necessary to our nation’s security. It is about the politically appointed intelligence agency chiefs operating in the interests of the currently reigning president and the ruling political class, rather than in the interests of national security. Many intelligence professionals in the CIA, DIA, NSA, and FBI — including former top-level officials — find the obviously politicized activities of the intel chiefs deplorable, and have called on the agency heads to put up or shut up: provide the evidence to back up their sensational charges.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow both promoted this false Trump vs. Intelligence Community narrative in a January 3 broadcast in which they repeatedly accused the president elect of being “antagonistic” and “hostile” toward the intelligence community and “taunting” them, as though he had initiated the conflict and was jeopardizing America’s security by needlessly attacking the people responsible for protecting us. Senator Schumer blasted Trump as “being really dumb” for taking on the intel chiefs and suggested they would use their assets to exact revenge. “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you,” Schumer said, noting “they are very upset about the way he has treated them and talked about them.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went on MSNBC’s For the Record with Greta Van Susteren on January 11 to charge that President-elect Trump is jeopardizing national security by threatening to “dismantle” our intelligence community. What’s more, she ominously wondered “what Russia had on Donald Trump” and implied that the Trump/Intelligence Community conflict may have to do with hidden Trump financial ties to Russia. 

All of this sudden concern about national security and Russia is very suspicious indeed, since Pelosi, Schumer, MSNBC, Maddow, CNN, et al. showed virtually no concern whatsoever about the verified, documented financial and national security problems associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ties to Putin’s Russia.

Peter Hoekstra, a former House Intelligence Committee chairman, defends Trump’s actions, noting that “Trump is ... pointing to the top of the organization and saying it’s become politicized.” Hoekstra, who represented Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District, said Trump blames Obama appointees, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan. “He knows that they got Benghazi wrong, they got ISIS wrong, they got Egypt wrong with the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s a very healthy skeptic of intelligence,” Hoekstra said. President-elect Trump also knows that Director Clapper is an infamous liar, having lied under oath in congressional hearings (felony perjury) about matters of national security and violations of the U.S. Constitution he had sworn to uphold. The current conflict reflects real panic in the globalist establishment because Donald Trump is threatening to stand up to the agencies that have become the private Praetorian Guard of the ruling elite.

Fake Solution: Appoint a Commission of Globalists to “Investigate”

What to do about all of this? Naturally, the anti-Trump globalists have a plan: Set up an “independent” commission to investigate Trump. "The obvious thing for ... Donald Trump to say is 'I want a full investigation by a bipartisan panel so the American people will know the facts,'" said Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius in an interview on Face the Nation on December 18. "In this whole crazy story, the one thing we really do need to know is whether there is any kind of leverage that Russia has over Donald Trump," Ignatius claimed. "That's the question that we couldn't really uncover because we never got [Trump's] tax returns. It's crucial before he takes office. Not to attack him, but to liberate him from any pressure. It's a really important thing."

The significance of the proposal by Ignatius is that it is not merely the rambling of a run-of-the-mill columnist, but a pitch by a recognized top propagandist of the ruling class. The Post has long been associated not only with the CIA, but also the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the recognized brain trust of the establishment globalists. Ignatius and his co-host of the online PostGlobal, Fareed Zakaria, are both longtime members of the CFR.

On January 9, a CFR-led group of U.S. senators introduced legislation to create a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Trump/Putin allegations. The “bipartisan” group included Democrats Ben Cardin, Robert Menendez, and Amy Klobuchar, and implacably anti-Trump Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Senators McCain and Klobuchar are CFR members and reliable internationalists.

One of the more recent recapitulations of the Ignatius/CFR proposal is a January 11 column in the New York Times by CFR Senior Fellow Max Boot, with the incredible title, “Donald Trump: A Modern Manchurian Candidate?”

“There is only one way to get to the bottom of this tawdry affair,” insists the CFR’s Boot: “Appoint a bipartisan, 9/11-style commission to investigate all of the allegations and issue a public report. The former C.I.A. directors Leon E. Panetta and Michael V. Hayden, among other possible choices, would provide instant credibility if they were appointed to lead such a panel.” That would be very convenient: Hayden is a CFR member and Panetta, while not a member, has always been cozy and simpatico with the CFR one-worlders. “If Mr. Trump is genuinely innocent of any untoward connections with the Kremlin, wouldn’t he want a full investigation to clear his name?” Boot rhetorically asks. “That he so adamantly opposes any such inquiry speaks volumes,” insists the CFR propagandist.

With Inauguration Day less than two days away and Republicans in control of Congress, there is little likelihood that the proposed commission could be implemented in time to stop the incoming administration. However, it will continue to be one of the ongoing opposition projects. If President-elect Trump is not removed via a “hard coup” (i.e., assassination or arrest), it is a virtual certainty that the efforts by the ruling elites to hamstring him via “soft coup” (rendering him incapable of governing by a combination of unrelenting street demonstrations, media attacks, court challenges, and political obstruction) will continue and intensify. This is not business and/or politics as usual; the globalists are fighting desperately to hold onto the power and control they have patiently, assiduously taken hold of. They are waging war on Trump and America, and all Americans who would preserve a shred of liberty must realize it.

Photo of anti-Trump protest: AP Images

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