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Nullification Tour Heads to Orlando, Florida

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OrlandoThe Tenth Amendment Center’s “Nullify Now” rally will be heading to Orlando, Florida, this Sunday (10-10-10) to celebrate the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment and the concept of nullifying unconstitutional federal laws at the state level.

"The states don't have to obey unconstitutional federal laws. And that means, for example, no national health care mandates, no department of education, no bank bailouts, and even no federal marriage or marijuana laws," Executive Director Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center explained in a press release about the event.

"The Constitution isn't about political parties, political ideologies or political candidates,” Boldin continued. “It's about liberty, and limiting the federal government to certain enumerated powers, and nothing more. That way, the most difficult and divisive issues can be dealt with where the founders wanted them — in our states."

The Tenth Amendment movement has been growing stronger in recent months and years as the federal government’s unconstitutional expansions have become more obvious and painful to more and more Americans. And states are starting to take action.

The Nullify Now campaign offers some examples of what is happening on its website: “Virginia, Utah, Idaho, and other states are fighting the federal healthcare law. Arizona is protecting its borders. Washington State, Oklahoma, and Tennessee are fighting cap-and-trade legislation. Eight states are standing up for gun rights. Twenty-five states have effectively blocked the 2005 Real ID Act.” And undoubtedly, there is much more to come, especially after the Nullify Now tour finishes traveling the country and spreading the message.

The event in Orlando has lined up several high-profile speakers to provide insight into the topic of nullification. Best-selling author Thomas Woods Jr., a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, will be speaking about his new book Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century. He has written eight other books, too.

In his keynote speech at the rally, Woods is expected to discuss how Americans can roll back ObamaCare and other unconstitutional federal power grabs, why the Founding Fathers believed nullification was the “moderate middle ground,” why states should arbitrate “state vs. federal” disputes as opposed to the Supreme Court, and much more. He will also explain why the Tenth Amendment gives states the power to nullify unconstitutional laws.

The other keynote address will be delivered by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who is currently the honorary chairman of the advocacy organization known as Our America Initiative. While serving as governor, the libertarian-leaning Republican vetoed 750 bills, more than all of the other states’ governors at the time combined.

Other prominent individuals scheduled to speak at the event include Jim Babka, the president of Downsize DC; author and business consultant Tom Mullen; Kim Russell, founder of People United for Medical Marijuana; Phil Russo, co-host of the Tea Party Patriots Live Radio show and co-founder of the Orlando Tea Party; radio host Robert Scott Bell; Mark Cross, state director of the Florida Campaign for Liberty; Andrew Nappi of the Florida Tenth Amendment Center; and Will Pitts, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida. This correspondent will also be speaking.

The event is being co-hosted by We Refuse, the Orlando Tea Party, Florida Campaign for Liberty, and the Florida Tenth Amendment Center. It has also picked up a large number of sponsors including The John Birch Society, this magazine, the James Madison Institute, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, various local 912 Project groups, Floridians Against Real ID, Gainesville Coins, Super SeaVeg, Watchdog on Wall Street, Tea Party Patriots Live, People United For Medical Marijuana, The US Report, Wake Up with Doug K, Liberty Candidates, James C. Neathery & Associates, Founders' Fables, WeTheChildren, and other organizations.

The Nullify Now rally and conference will be held at the Omni ChampionsGate Resort on Sunday, October 10, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online, starting at $10, but many ticket classes are already sold out. After Florida, the rally will head to Chattanooga, Tennessee, on October 23.

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