Waste Management Corporation, in cooperation with city governments, is training trash collectors to keep customers under surveillance and to report anything suspicious to the police.

The latest assault on Christianity includes a federal judge’s ruling against a decades-old cross in a Pensacola, Florida, park.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed into law a bill decriminalizing the manufacture and owning of firearm suppressors.

VIDEO - Constitution expert Robert Brown clears the air on Convention of States’ claim that an Article V Convention and a Constitutional Convention are entirely different. Brown also goes on to ask at what point of amending the Constitution is the document becoming entirely different?
VIDEO - Constitutional Expert Robert Brown explains why the founding fathers included Article V in the U.S. Constitution. He also factors in James Madison’s description of its purpose in Federalist No. 43. Robert points out that this popular misconception is due to the public's knowledge of the Constitution, which was once this country's greatest strength.

Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., asked his customers to turn his stores into gun-free zones.

Lawrence R. Samuel wrote an opinion piece published by the Washington Post on November 15 in which he labels the federation of states forming our constitutional republic as “an anachronism that now has little or no real value.”

VIDEO - Andy Ramirez covers the Supreme Court case "Little Sisters of the Poor v. Health and Human Services" which deals with contraceptive coverage and the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.
VIDEO - Convention of States’ recently posted a quote from the late Justice Antonin Scalia giving his support for a Constitutional Convention. Christian Gomez investigates the timing and context of the quote, along with Scalia’s stance on a convention during his time as a Justice of the Supreme Court.
VIDEO - Bill Jasper and Christian Gomez discuss the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership. In the final part of this 4 part series, they discuss how the term 'Integration' is used in the TPP, and how the agreement is modeled after the EU.

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