The expansion of red flag laws portends ultimately the death of the Second Amendment. 

VIDEO - Rep. Stewart Jones of South Carolina advocates for the importance of upholding the Constitution and keeping liberty local. Jones talks of the challenges of getting control back from the federal government, including not falling for the temptation of federal money, which a ploy by D.C. to grab more control from the states.

VIDEO - Who or what defines human rights? In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman compares how human rights are defined within the United States vs. how they are defined with the UN “Human Rights” Council. Newman also highlights several contradictory and concerning elements to the council that should have people alarmed and outraged.

The leftist mask is dropping — they hate our Constitution. Unfortunately, there are some who claim to revere the Constitution who would accomplish the same leftist goals of dumping our Constitution through a so-called Article V Constitutional Convention.

VIDEO - Representative Stewart Jones of South Carolina talks with Dr. Duke Pesta on red flag gun laws.Rep. Jones argues that red flag gun laws make citizens guilty until proven innocent.

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