The federal government is instructing law enforcement on methods useful in covering evidence of investigations.



Tom Eddlem speaks on the causes of the crisis in Egypt and the importance of constitutions that prevent an executive branch from having too much power.

VIDEO - Tom Eddlem, writer for The New American magazine, explains the violation and problems with the NSA collecting your metadata through your phone. Some citizens are not bothered by the fact that this passive information is being collected, but Tom explains why people should be more outraged.

The New York Times reported August 4 that the NSA intercepts of all Americans' phone records and Internet traffic are being sought by dozens of federal and state law-enforcement agencies for ordinary criminal enforcement, and Reuters wire service reported August 5 that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has received some of this information for nearly two decades. 

VIDEO - Tom Eddlem, writer for The New American magazine, talks about the National Defense Authorization Act and how it specifically infringes upon American citizens' rights.

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