In its decision in the case of Utah v. Strieff, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the rights protected by the Fourth Amendment may be denied if the value of violating them is greater than that of protecting them.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are exploiting the killing of five police officers in Dallas to push a range of assaults on the U.S. Constitution, including a decades-old plot to federalize America's local police departments without any semblance of constitutional authority.

According to a recent report by, non-military federal agencies have received $1.4 billion in “guns, ammunition, and other military style equipment during the last nine years.” Meanwhile President Obama continues to lead the assault via the White House “bully-pulpit” against gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

A video critical of sharia law and jihad has been removed by YouTube for allegedly violating the company’s “hate speech” policies. Entitled “Killing for a Cause: Sharia Law & Civilization Jihad,” the video was uploaded last Thursday but has since been flagged and removed because of its criticisms of radical Jihad, prompting criticisms from the group behind the video and shining a light on what some are perceiving as censorship by web companies.

The Supreme Court refused to hear a Washington State case, leaving in place the 9th Circuit ruling that the state may require pharmacies to fill an emergency contraceptive drug, regardless of the owners' religious objections.

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