On Monday, the Department of Justice petitioned the United States Supreme Court for rehearing of U.S. v. Texas, a challenge to President Obama’s deferred action program for illegal immigrants. Last month, the Supreme Court issued a 4-4 ruling in the case, leaving intact a lower court ruling that blocked the administration from implementing its plan, which amounts to virtual amnesty through the usurpation of legislative powers.

The ACLU is preparing to do battle if 1) Trump wins in November, and 2) tries to implement his proposals.

Through a "pilot program" the FBI is using local law enforcement to collect hundreds of thousands of iris scans. Those scans are then shared with the Pentagon.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Larry Harris, Jr. proposes a rewrite of the Second Amendment that would disarm all but the "militia" and "hunters."

Senator John McCain and others are proposing a bill that would grant expansive new surveillance powers to the FBI and would place those powers outside of oversight.

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