Senator John McCain got it right for once — the Senate should reject any Clinton nominee to the Supreme Court, unless that judge respects the Constitution.

The president is presently considered the most powerful man on Earth, but our Republic was designed to give the president little power. This is how to restore power to the people.

The tens of thousands of e-mails released by WikiLeaks over the last month have removed all doubts, if any still existed, that Hillary Clinton and her campaign will go to any lengths to erase the Second Amendment's protection of the right of individual citizens to keep and bear firearms.

As more and more people use encryption to protect their data, surveillance hawks at all levels — local, state, and federal — continue to seek ways around the privacy protections offered by that encryption. A recently published court filing from California shows that the hawks are stooping to new lows in their treatment of the constitutional protections afforded to people’s data.

Expressing nostalgia for the days when just three establishment-controlled propaganda organs dominated the public narrative, President Obama lashed out at what he called the “wild, wild west” media landscape that allows non-establishment voices and viewpoints to be heard. Claiming that “censorship” would not be the answer, Obama called for Americans to submit to a vaguely defined (presumably government-run) “curating function” that would help “discard” unapproved information. Critics, though, warned that an increasingly desperate establishment was plotting all-out war on freedom of the press and the free Internet.

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