Wyoming rancher Andy Johnson settles his suit against the EPA, freeing himself from exorbitant fines and leaving his stock pond in place.

As North Carolina finds itself in the cross-hairs of the federal government, the Tar Heel state seems ready to stand its ground against federal intrusion into what is — at most — a state issue. The case over North Carolina's controversial HB2 may well serve to check the vital signs of States' Rights.


A federal judge has handed ObamaCare a defeat, and a victory to the concept of separation of powers.

Obama is angry about opposition to his anti-privacy crusade. Last week, he even slammed Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) by name, calling on the liberty-minded lawmaker to drop his “quirky” opposition to the administration's controversial new “tax treaties” — agreements with foreign governments to further shred the Fourth Amendment-protected privacy rights of the American people. However, Paul hit back hard, telling Obama, publicly, that Americans' unalienable privacy rights are not “quirky.” Privacy proponents celebrated Paul's “courageous” stand.

A new study released on May 11 by the Pew Research Center indicates that middle-class Americans are losing ground as a share of the population, especially in metropolitan areas.

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