Otis McDonaldThe Supreme Court has issued its ruling in the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago. The court found, in a 5-4 vote, that local and state authorities could not effectively ban handgun ownership. The ruling prompted Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein to exclaim that she is "extremely dismayed" because as a result of the ruling "common sense state and local gun laws across the country now will be subject to federal lawsuits."

A group of black former residents of an area of McIntosh County, Georgia, known as Harris Neck has banded together in an attempt to reclaim the land taken from their families by eminent domain in July 1942. The former landowners and their descendants established a legal entity in 2006 called the Harris Neck Land Trust to work together in an effort to reestablish ownership of their family lands.

President Barack Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan on May 10 to occupy the chair that would be soon left vacant by Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who announced on April 9 that he would retire at the conclusion of the Court's summer term.

The U.S Supreme Court ruled five to four on June 28 that a University of California law school can refuse to recognize a Christian student group that bars membership to homosexuals. In the case of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the Christian student group at the Hastings College of Law in San Francisco had challenged the school’s policy barring it from requiring students to sign a statement of faith that prohibits homosexual behavior and requires a belief in God.

Kagan confirmation hearingElena Kagan's responses to the questions put to her by the Senate are worthy of comment since she has been nominated for a significant position. A companion piece to this article will  review some of her answers and check them against the standard handed down to us by our noble Founding Fathers — namely, the Constitution of the United States. Apart from that analysis, however, there is the equally compelling question of just whether this whole business of the modern nomination hearing circus was ever anticipated by the Framers or provided for by the provisions of the Constitution itself.

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