Although Judge Brett Kavanaugh has stated that judges should not make law, his judicial record shows that he relies heavily on past judicial precedents that have often been in conflict with the clear language of the Constitution.

John McAdams, a conservative law professor who was terminated by Marquette University in 2016, has won a victory for free speech. 

With the Left now admitting that it wants to abolish ICE, eliminate borders, and institute socialism, one may wonder what’s next. Nixing First Amendment rights is what, with a college professor saying that free speech cannot be progressive, another stating that it “reinforces and amplifies injustice,” and other people insisting it reflects “white privilege.”

Comedienne and actress Sarah Silverman called former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino “daft” because he said “socialism is a disaster.”

The Left has been apoplectic over President Trump’s opportunity to fill the Supreme Court seat of retiring justice Anthony Kennedy. And now a Harvard professor has his own idea for combating increasing SCOTUS constitutionalism: The next time Democrats seize Congress, they should increase the number of justices to enable a liberal president to pack the SCOTUS with leftists. 

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