It is hoped that the Supreme Court seizes the opportunity to hear one or more Second Amendment appeals.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker rescinded his executive order banning church services of more than 10 people just hours before he was required to defend it before the Supreme Court.

A street preacher whose First Amendment-protected rights were violated received a settlement last week from Portland, Oregon. It’s a tiny win in a big war, but an important one.

The Democrats are in full panic mode over Trump's restoring the judicial landscape to reflect the Founders' intent.

The Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, and California Republican Party are suing the state of California over Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order that has mandated all registered voters in the state receive vote-by-mail ballots. According to the lawsuit, the May 8 executive order is an “illegal power grab” and a “recipe for disaster,” as it would allow inactive voters, including those who have left the state or have died, to receive the ballots.

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