Nebraska's senators defeat yet another Con-Con effort, thanks to the work of their informed constituents.

The completely unplanned, unstaged, unfunded, and spontaneous gathering of 75 students in support of gun rights outside Rockledge High School in Brevard County, Florida, last Friday morning was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media, but media attention doesn't matter.

Pastor and former lawmaker Dan Fisher is running for governor of Oklahoma with a bold mission as the centerpiece of his platform: Making the Sooner State abortion free by protecting life, in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court's unconstitutional Roe v. Wade opinion. If elected, the minister turned statesman also vowed to work with the legislature to audit and rein in government, while getting the feds out of the classroom and working to restore local control of education. His campaign platform is summed up nicely with the slogan ASAP, which stands for “Abolish abortion,” “State sovereignty,” “Audit everything,” and “Proper government.” Already, the Republican establishment and the pro-abortion left are gearing up for a fight. But in an interview with The New American, Fisher said he was ready.

The defeat of the Article V Convention of the States proposal in Mississippi illustrates the effectiveness of members of the John Birch Society, who educated on the subject and take action by transmitting that knowledge to their legislators.

Switzerland, despite having one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, hasn’t had a mass shooting since 2001 and has an overall murder rate near zero.

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