Support for a Conference of the States was defeated in large part by efforts of The John Birch Society, resulting in an impressive turn-around in what is likely but the first skirmish in a long, drawn-out conflict.

On January 16, 1995, the Utah legislature became the first in the nation to pass a Resolution of Participation in the Conference of the States proposed by Utah Governor Mike Leavitt. Representative J. Reese Hunter, a fifth-term Republican, voted for the resolution, but is now urging lawmakers in other states to oppose it. Dr. Hunter was interviewed for The New American by Robert W. Lee.

Self-ordained planetary planners have devised a detailed management agenda for the entire earth, and it is hidden in the Biodiversity Treaty.

Utah Governor Mike Leavitt is subtly calling for a constitutional convention by using the deceptive moniker "Conference of the States."

"We the People"... are on the verge of surrendering the United States Constitution to a powerful network that is guiding our nation into a new constitutional convention.

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