Self-ordained planetary planners have devised a detailed management agenda for the entire earth, and it is hidden in the Biodiversity Treaty.

Utah Governor Mike Leavitt is subtly calling for a constitutional convention by using the deceptive moniker "Conference of the States."

"We the People"... are on the verge of surrendering the United States Constitution to a powerful network that is guiding our nation into a new constitutional convention.

Ocie and Carey Mills went to jail in Pensacola, Florida, May 15th. The 54-year-old retired contractor and his 31-year-old son were sentenced to 21 months in prison after a U.S. District Court jury found them guilty of knowingly discharging fill material in wetlands and dredging a canal on their property, both violations of the Clean Water Act.

In accord with the intent of the framers of the Constitution, the choice to enact the death penalty is up to the state legislatures rather than the unelected judiciary.

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