Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has called for a filibuster to stop an up-or-down vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.

The Texas Legislature is once again considering the controversial — and dangerous — course of applying to Congress for a constitutional convention. Two such Senate bills have been passed by that body and are waiting to be referred to committee. The House versions of those bills are already in committee. And while the Legislature debates this issue, Governor Greg Abbott is continuing to put his weight behind it.

VIDEO - The escape clause of a proposed Balanced Budget Amendment gives Congress the authority to not balance the budget while in a national state of emergency. Constitutional expert Robert Brown points that the U.S. is in a constant national state of emergency and have been for almost 40 years. With the approval of this amendment, Congress would be forced to raise taxes to pay for the unconstitutional federal funding in order to balance the budget.

The Senate Judiciary Committee began holding hearings on March 20 to consider the nomination of Neil M. Gorsuch to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency that has too much, ill-defined power, should be dismantled. But at least Trump might get the power to fire its director, as he has with every other agency head.

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