A bill in the New York legislature would fine website operators for not removing online material deemed to be “inaccurate,” “irrelevant,” “inadequate,” or “excessive.” Three other bills already passed by the New York State Senate would also attack free speech.

The Tennessee General Assembly has filed a lawsuit claiming the federal refugee settlement program violates the 10th Amendment.

Arkansas state Representative Stephen Meeks and 19 co-sponsors have proposed a bill that would nullify the Supreme Court's same-sex "marriage" opinion.

The Uber driver and lawyer who was told by a Wilmington, North Carolina, police sergeant that if he did not stop recording he would be arrested says he thinks most police officers are good but that there are "a few bad apples." 

VIDEO - Is the Electoral College antiquated or is it still relevant today? Constitutional Expert Robert Brown explains the common misconceptions about the election process and reveals why it was implemented in the first place.
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