When investigators raided and searched the home of one-time Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in July, they seized enough evidence to convince a grand jury last week to indict Manafort on a laundry list of charges. But it appears that at least some of the things seized in the raid may not have been covered by the search warrant.

Members of the media covering the settlement of a nurse who was roughly treated by police after she refused to allow them to draw blood from an unconscious patient failed to note the key element: Nurse Wubbels was protecting her patient's right to privacy as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

In another example of how we’ve become a government of, by, and for judges, a federal judge has blocked President Trump’s reinstitution of the ban on Made-up Sexual Status (so-called “transgender”) individuals serving in the military. Strangely, the ban had been in place for more than 50 years when Barack Obama overturned it last year, yet it wasn’t found “unconstitutional” until Trump decided to return to the long-held status quo.

Everything is not as it seems in politics. And in recent months, the American people have come closer than ever to figuring that out, with the notion of a shadowy “Deep State” secretly pulling the strings in Washington capturing the public imagination. There is indeed a “Deep State,” or perhaps several, that includes elements of Wall Street, career bureaucrats with views deeply at odds with those of mainstream America, as well as the “intelligence community” that does the dirty work and appears to accept no limits on its power. But little has been said about the Deep State behind the Deep State — or the real Deep State. Until now.

Vice President Mike Pence, addressing the In Defense of Christians’ Solidarity Dinner in Washington on Wednesday night, announced the Trump administration’s plan to bypass the UN when funding relief efforts in the Middle East:

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