In what was condemned as a vile instance of dishonesty, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice employed what is known as a “sandwich smear,” equating patriotic constitutionalists of all races and creeds with National Socialists (Nazis) and the Ku Klux Klan. The globalist member of the establishment swamp known as the Council on Foreign Relations, who according to the New York Times rejects the “America First” agenda articulated by President Trump and supported by voters, knows what she did was dishonest, critics said. Black and Jewish constitutionalists and patriots of The John Birch Society offered especially strong condemnations of the bigoted remarks by the Bush-era official.

Michigan adoption rules collide with the Constitution, so the outcome should be obvious. In Michigan and elsewhere, it isn't.


Five Republican Congressmen fired off a letter, demanding the repudiation of the Obama administration’s successful and continuing efforts to strangle financially gun shops and other supposedly “high-risk” and “disreputable” businesses — called Operation Choke Point. 

A video interview by John Stossel on YouTube of two unsuspecting citizens caught in New York City’s anti-gun web only added traction to a national reciprocity bill pending in Congress.

Rather than resigning or noisily transferring to another, more “enlightened” school, or filing a frivolous lawsuit, geography instructor Charles K. Smith protested Texas’ new campus carry freedom by showing up on the first day of class wearing — ready? — a helmet and a bullet-resistant vest!

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