President Trump was obviously joking about Democrats at his State of the Union speech exhibiting treason, but what is the constitutional definition of that serious charge?

Lawmakers in Idaho voted unanimously Wednesday morning to move forward the Restoring Constitutional Governance Act, which would prohibit the indefinite detainment of Americans by the federal government or anyone else in that state. If passed into law, the bill would nullify unconstitutional provisions of the infamous 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which purported to authorize the capture and imprisonment of citizens by the military without any semblance of due process. While some local governments in Idaho have already passed similar measures, activists and lawmakers say it is important that residents all over the state be protected from the unconstitutional abuses by the federal government. After being approved in a committee hearing, the measure now moves on to be formally considered by the legislature.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will soon deploy powerful license-plate recognition software.

An increasing number of leftists are advocating an Article V convention of the states — to scrap our present Constitution.

With President Donald Trump driving the establishment Swamp insane with what has been dubbed “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” the enemies of his “America First” agenda are now hoping to turn the tables by claiming the commander-in-chief is crazy. Indeed, as predicted by astute political observers and operatives before it began, the Deep State has now resorted to using lies, quackery, and fake news to cast doubt on President Trump's mental stability. It is all part of a plot to use an obscure provision of the U.S. Constitution to remove the president from office. Experts predict it will fail.


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