A video interview by John Stossel on YouTube of two unsuspecting citizens caught in New York City’s anti-gun web only added traction to a national reciprocity bill pending in Congress.

Rather than resigning or noisily transferring to another, more “enlightened” school, or filing a frivolous lawsuit, geography instructor Charles K. Smith protested Texas’ new campus carry freedom by showing up on the first day of class wearing — ready? — a helmet and a bullet-resistant vest!

A judge has ordered a lawsuit against two psychologists who helped design and administer the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program to go to a jury for trial next month.

Could President Trump constitutionally pardon himself, his son, or any of his associates charged with a crime?

North Carolina is the latest state to take strides toward protecting free speech rights on public college campuses by passing legislation that prevents campus censorship. The bill will affect a total of 17 colleges and universities in the University of North Carolina system. It comes at a time in which First Amendment rights of conservatives are being trampled on college campuses across the country.

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