County sheriffs are opposing the growth of the federal government and protecting citizens from the same.

A federal judge Wednesday ruled unconstitutional a collection of federal restrictions on the interstate transfer of handguns.

An Iowa widow's bank account was seized by the IRS, which is now also charging her with a misdemeanor, because she deposited her late husband's cash in small increments to avoid bank reporting requirements.

As federal courts engage in what Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore described as “judicial tyranny” to “desecrate” marriage in violation of the state and U.S. Constitution, a constitutional showdown of historic proportions is currently underway in Alabama. At issue is whether federal courts have the constitutional authority to redefine the institution of marriage and impose it on unwilling states. Justice Moore insists they do not, and over the weekend issued an order prohibiting lower-court judges in Alabama from issuing “marriage” licenses to homosexual couples. A handful of probate judges in Alabama have defied Justice Moore’s order, the state constitution, and the overwhelmingly expressed will of the people. However, most have refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals so far as the legal showdown plays out.

A member of the Virginia House of Delegates who is also a gay rights advocate sees an Article V constitutional convention as a chance to change the Constitution.

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