Responding to widespread public concerns over a giant U.S. Special Forces exercise dubbed “Jade Helm 15,” which identifies Texas, Utah, and part of California as “hostile,” popular Lone Star State Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the federal military drills. The Obama White House tried to downplay growing suspicions about the two-month drill following Gov. Abbott’s order, and various leftist journalists attacked the governor for responding to the concerns of his constituents. Still, while the Texas governor received broad public support for his response in Texas, more than a few citizens and analysts remain unsettled by the mysterious Jade Helm program.

During Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments over same-sex "marriage," Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. made a point that may have revealed exactly which way he intends to vote in the case.

The governor of Montana signed a law preventing police from accepting money and material from the federal government.

Senator Chuck Grassley is asking the Obama administration why so many veterans and their families are being denied their right to own firearms.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed into law a bill that invalidated an older law prohibiting gun owners with permits from carrying concealed in parks across the state.

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