After being reassured that she had the president’s full support, Gina Haspel, whom President Trump nominated to become the CIA director, decided to remain as the nominee.

Democrats like to claim consistency in their beliefs, but decisions such as Effingham County's to make itself a sanctuary city from Illinois' restictive gun laws challenge Democrats' consistency.

DALLAS — Outside the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas, Texas, this weekend, that brought together some 80,000 gun-rights supporters, a small group of fringe anti-gun demonstrators — a few hundred at most — blasted the NRA and demanded “common-sense gun-safety” legislation. The protests were dwarfed by counter-protests supporting what more than a few heavily armed attendees described as the God-given right to keep and bear arms. The pro-gun activists at the rally, not all with the NRA, set up a massive white banner with an image of an “assault rifle” on it with the words “Come and Take It” across the bottom. But in yet another illustration of the media bias and dishonesty decried by so many at the NRA convention, the establishment press largely focused on hyping the tiny anti-gun protests and their discredited conspiracy theories.

A panel convened by UC-Berkeley to study free speech on the campus concluded that the violence associated with conservative speakers in 2017 was the fault of the conservatives themselves — not the leftist thugs who perpetrated the riots.

Today, students in more than 300 schools in 40 states are staging a 16-minute “Stand for the Second” walkout in support of the Second Amendment.

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