North Dakota cattle rancher Rodney Brossart, the first man to have been arrested by the aid of a drone, was sentenced to three years in jail.

The congressman who walked out during President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), is considering filing articles of impeachment against Obama.

The Harris v. Quinn case that the Supreme Court heard last week could stop some forced union membership. 

After walking out of Obama’s State of the Union speech upon hearing the president threaten to violate the Constitution and rule by decree, Republican U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas says he is now seeking public support for introducing articles of impeachment. Recent surveys suggest that about 50 percent of Americans want to impeach Obama for a wide range of major scandals, and articles of impeachment have already been filed in the House against disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently in criminal contempt of Congress.  

In its literature, the Convention of the States organization misstates historical facts and misunderstands the law of agency.



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