At his January 28 State of the Union Speech, Obama is expected to formally announce the acceleration of his unconstitutional plot to “fundamentally transform” America — regardless of whether or not Congress approves. Instead of adhering to the U.S. Constitution as his oath of office requires, the president and his top aides have said repeatedly that Obama’s radical agenda will be foisted on the nation via decree — so-called “executive orders” and “executive actions” — if lawmakers do not promptly roll over. Critics and members of Congress, however, are already outraged.

After Connecticut enacted one of the most draconian gun-control regimes in America, official estimates suggest that the overwhelming majority of the citizens targeted by the latest assault on gun rights failed to comply. Now, despite resistance by the governor, state lawmakers are “scrambling” to come up with a possible amnesty plan allowing gun owners to register past the deadline.


Requiring microstamping on new guns sold in California is a way for anti-gunners to ban handguns without actually banning them.

The Little Sisters of the Poor and Aged won another temporary victory at the U.S. Supreme Court Friday.

Legislatures in several states are considering bills to thwart the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance programs.

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