The Ohio National Guard is under heavy fire after newly released documents offered more insight into a controversial training exercise conducted last year that featured gun-rights activists as supposed terrorists. Despite the public outrage, officials behind the drill scenario, which imagined “anti-government” Second Amendment supporters as murderous terrorists using weapons of mass destruction at a school, have not apologized.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Office ruled that applicants for concealed carry permits will no longer have to prove “good cause” to apply.

Proponents of an Article V constitutional convention misrepresent states as victims of federal power grab, rather than as collaborators.

An act to grant legal protection to business people who refuse to provide services for same-sex weddings is in limbo after winning passage in the Arizona House of Representatives on Thursday.

A planned Federal Communications Commission probe into media news coverage has “bestirred the sleeping media to the threat to life as we know it,” according to an editorial in Thursday’s Washington Times.

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