On his official Tumblr blog, DNI James Clapper says he will soon declassify documents revealing how many Americans are currently under surveillance.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo reports on the efforts of more than 50 sheriffs to oppose the recently enacted gun control laws in Colorado.


The Washington Post's neoconservative columnist Jennifer Rubin appears to be on the warpath against members of Congress skeptical of Syrian intervention, especially congressmen who assert that it's beyond the power of President Obama to initiate the war.

After voters in Colorado and Washington State voted to repeal marijuana prohibition, anxiety about how the Obama administration would respond spread nationwide as conservatives wondered whether federal authorities would respect the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment while liberals fretted about the will of voters. Concerns were especially widespread given the president’s ruthless persecution of the legal medical cannabis industry in over 20 states. During an August 29 press conference, however, Attorney General Eric Holder finally answered the question: The feds will apparently respect state laws, at least for now.

A federal judged ruled that a challenge to ObamaCare filed by the Oklahoma attorney general may proceed.

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