In his Aug. 9 press conference, President Obama seems to have paved the way for a government admission that the NSA is recording the telephone calls of millions of Americans.


The New York Times reported August 8 that the National Security Agency has been searching through the e-mail messages of the American people on a massive scale, even in some instances where the messages are not to or from foreigners residing abroad.

Tom Eddlem, writer for The New American magazine, explains the constitutional problems with the NSA collecting metadata from e-mails and cellphones.

Despite the controversy surrounding the intrusiveness of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), its duties continue to expand. The agency now has a greatly expanded program of "Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response" squads, known as VIPR teams, assigned to perform security sweeps at transportation facilities across the United States in the name of terrorism prevention.

The federal government is instructing law enforcement on methods useful in covering evidence of investigations.



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