U.S. attorney John Durham, to investigate origins of Russia investigation.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has tasked John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation, which, as Byas describes it, “has consumed all of the Trump presidency to this point.” Is Durham the right man for the job? Will he get to the bottom of this investigation? We take a closer look at all this in today's Top Headline.

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The father of one of the two suspects arrested in the high school shooting near Denver, Colorado, is a twice-deported illegal alien who has a history of domestic violence.

Families, single adults, and unaccompanied minors aren’t the only class of illegals piling up the at border in the mad rush to claim squatter’s rights in the United States.

One of the students charged with killing one and wounding eight at a high school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, doesn’t much care for the Bible, Christians, or Trump. The other is a girl who pretends to be or actually thinks she is a boy.

A Seattle rape survivor faces the ire of leftist elitist in the city for simply telling her story of being assaulted by a homeless man.

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