Left-wing rioters physically attacked several supporters of President Donald Trump after a rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday night.

In his upcoming book, Ronan Farrow writes that Clinton's publicist attempted to kill his story on Weinstein, calling it a "concern for us."

A newly released FBI report breaking down murder by types of weapons used showed that the number of murders committed with knives was five times higher than with rifles.

The Christian flag is forbidden. But this past week city and state officials in Boston and Philadelphia celebrated the enslavement of China 70 years ago — and the slaughter of an estimated 100-plus million people since then — by holding a flag raising ceremony for the Communist Chinese regime at City Hall. Cities in Canada and Australia also bowed down to the regime. And President Donald Trump even sent "congratulations" to the Chinese dictator on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, drawing sharp criticism from Republicans in Congress.

The Donald can rest easy. He’s not the only victim of Robert De Niro’s F-bomb-laced threats and tirades.

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