For years, sanctuary localities across the country have refused to honor detainers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement when the federal agency asks them to hold illegal-alien criminals for deportation. The result: Violent criminals are freed to murder and rape; illegal-alien drunks are loosed upon law-abiding motorists; and dope dealers are set free to ply their murderous trade.

This important endorsement should help propel Massie's Safe Students Act forward. 

Police have shown that yet another “noose” is a campus hate hoax, only this hoax wasn’t the work of an actual faker, but instead the fault of a dean who immediately hit the moral panic button and assumed the worst.

The Antifa-connected terrorist who was shot to death as he attacked ICE detention center was a Dutch immigrant who left a manifesto that encouraged his comrades to procure weapons for a bloody revolution.

A 69-year-old Washington State man was shot dead by police after attacking an ICE detention facility with a rifle and incendiary devices.  

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