Harvey, Illinois, is laying off police officers and firefighters after money has been diverted from the city funds to pay the Police Pension Fund.

The FBI raided the offices and home of President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen Monday as part of the ongoing Mueller investigation of Trump associates. Agents seized business records, e-mails, and documents related to a wide range of topics.

Unlike the politically correct Florida authorities who did nothing to stop the mentally deranged Parkland killer despite numerous warnings, New York gun shop owner John Laubscher acted when a prospective firearm buyer made, as he put it, the hair “stand up on the back of his neck.”

Compliance with the latest proposed infringement of precious rights by the ATF — the outlawing of bump stocks — will likely disappoint anti-gunners.

The unanimous approval by the Deerfield, Illinois, Village Board of Trustees of a nearly complete ban on all manner of loosely defined “assault weapons” last Monday night has made headline news.

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