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Film Exposing Fast and Furious Gun Scandal in the Works

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As Congress drags its feet on charging disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder with contempt for unlawfully covering up the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, a respected documentary maker decided to create Blood on Their Hands, a film exposing the Obama administration’s crimes. Activists and analysts celebrated the news, calling it a positive step forward in getting to the truth about the weapons-trafficking scheme that saw the U.S. government arm violent Mexican drug cartels using American tax money. 

Tired of the media’s lack of serious interest in addressing the explosive nature of the scandal, award-winning documentary maker Michael McNulty (above) decided it was time to take action. “The people that are charged in our society with finding the truth are the media, and they have failed miserably,” he said in a recent video seeking support, offering to do the job that the press has so far largely refused to do.

The Colorado-based producer is hoping to raise almost $400,000 from supporters for the film to ensure that the truth about the U.S. government’s blood-drenched operation is known to the world. During the first week, the project has already raised more than $20,000 online from over 230 donors. And with a great deal of coverage among liberty-minded media organizations in recent days, the producers hope more funds will keep coming in.

Activists and citizen journalists involved in exposing “Fast and Furious” applauded McNulty’s efforts, urging the public to support the project. “This to me is the perfect way for all of us… to actually do something about it,” noted David Codrea, a journalist and gun-rights advocate who played a key role in shining the light on the Obama administration’s deadly schemes. “I know a lot of people are outraged... It’s time to step up to the plate and do a bit more than that and to become involved.”

According to McNulty, the film will be dedicated to finding answers to one question in particular: “Why would the Attorney General of the United States give our money and assault weapons to Mexican drug cartel members all in the name of the American people's government?” There are a lot of people who want to know the answer to that — from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to the families of victims slaughtered by guns provided by the U.S. government. 

After whistleblowers first exposed the deadly scheme more than a year ago, Holder and other administration officials tried to deny it or claim ignorance, even if it meant lying to Congress under oath. They later claimed the purpose of arming cartels was to somehow bust criminals. Most analysts, however, are not convinced — especially because documents that have come to light since the scandal erupted cast serious doubts on the government’s perpetually evolving claims.

Consider, for instance, the fact that the two main “drug lords” supposedly being targeted in the operation were already working for the FBI. Official e-mails that surfaced during the congressional investigation also revealed what had long been suspected by Second Amendment supporters: the administration was using the resulting violence to push for more infringements on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.  

And Holder, who has a borderline-fanatical obsession with trampling on those rights, is believed to have been at the center of the deadly operation and its criminal cover-up. This film, however, would not be the first time McNulty has come across evidence of Holder’s criminality. After the tragedy surrounding the federal government’s horrific massacre of Branch Davidians in Texas — including more than two dozen children — McNulty produced the documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement. That film eventually won an Emmy for investigative journalism and was nominated for an Oscar award in 1997.

The current Attorney General, who was a top official with the Justice Department under Janet Reno at the time, played a key role in covering up the facts surrounding that federal blood bath, too — lying and protecting those responsible from accountability. And Holder is still at it, McNulty says. “He’s the guy who has authorized the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to sell assault weapons to the Mexican cartels,” he explained in a promotional video soliciting public support for his latest project.

Those guns were then used to murder American law enforcement officers such as Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, as well as hundreds of Mexican citizens. “This is a problem that affects our entire country and our country’s reputation in the world,” McNulty said. “This issue has changed our standing amongst the Nations of the world and the outcome is not good.”

According to McNulty, there is now a clear pattern that has emerged indicating that Holder has been in the “cover up business” for some two decades. And it must be exposed to the public, he said, to prevent future tragedies and to ensure that officials are held accountable for criminal activity. Plus, when the American people know the truth, they will elect honest officials to serve them properly. 

“Attorney General Eric Holder’s involvement in ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ seems to be a sign of the escalating abuse of power,” observed McNulty. And examining Holder’s past involvement in covering up of crimes by federal law enforcement — such as the slaughter of women and children at Waco — is key to understanding that the Attorney General appears to be involved in a “Continuing Criminal Enterprise,” or a cover-up at the very least.

“This is not an issue of politics. The ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal is not about Democrats versus Republicans,” McNulty explained. “It is about right and wrong, good versus evil, and where this country and its people stand.”

In light of the establishment media’s extraordinary lack of coverage surrounding what amounts to possibly one of the most important scandals exposed in recent years, commentators expressed high hopes for the film. “When this all shakes out in the end Holder and company won't be the only ones with blood on their hands,” wrote Catharine Evans in a piece about McNulty’s upcoming documentary for the American Thinker. “How about a criminally silent media?”

Congress, of course, has been investigating the scandal for over a year. During that time, hundreds have died, Holder has lied under oath, senior officials have pled the Fifth Amendment, whistleblowers have suffered retaliation, and the Justice Department continues to stonewall. But as House Republicans probing the crimes seek to charge Holder with contempt of Congress, GOP leaders such as Speaker John Boehner are reportedly frustrating the efforts for reasons that are not entirely clear.  

“For over a year, the Department has issued false denials, given answers intended to misdirect investigators, sought to intimidate witnesses, unlawfully withheld subpoenaed documents, and waited to be confronted with indisputable evidence before acknowledging uncomfortable facts,” Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) explained in a memo outlining the case against Holder. On top of that, he said, senior officials have continually sought to lay the blame on lower-ranking functionaries using deception — presumably to shield Obama’s appointees and protect high-level insiders.

Despite the administration’s efforts to portray outrage over the scandal as partisan, even Democratic lawmakers have added their voices to the growing chorus demanding accountability as well. “One of the duties of Congress is to provide oversight of the executive branch,” Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) told The Daily Caller. “There has been a serious allegation of federal law enforcement misconduct and we need to get to the bottom of this issue without playing partisan politics.”

McNulty hopes to have the documentary completed before the November election so it can play in theaters across the nation and raise awareness. If all goes as planned, the film should be close to two hours long. It is being produced by Citizens Organization for Public Safety (COPS) Productions, where McNulty serves as CEO.

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