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Orchestrated Baltimore Riots “Just the Beginning”

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Recent unrest in Baltimore may be “just the beginning,” according to one establishment voice promoting more. Virtually all Americans expect more strife and chaos in the cities this summer, according to surveys. One prominent talk show host even said America is in the midst of a “civil war.” And various agitators are encouraging more violence, looting, and unrest as a means of bringing about “change.” The establishment’s agenda, though, is "change" toward tyranny, plain and simple.

The riots and looting that hit the city brought together a coalition that, on the surface at least, appears bizarre — the establishment, local politicians who purposely let it happen by ordering police to “stand down,” communist agitators, the “mainstream” leftist media, black supremacists, white supremacists, criminals, and more. All played important roles in fomenting the unrest and the national reaction, applying “pressure from above” and “pressure from below.” And they are not going away.

More violence and rioting, including potentially a so-called “race war,” is likely coming, according to analysts and agitators. A poll taken after Baltimore’s riots revealed that 96 percent of Americans — black and white alike — expect more racially charged unrest across America this summer.

Obama and his allies are pouring fuel on the fire and sowing division with racially charged rhetoric. And whether participants in the strategically orchestrated chaos understand it or not — plenty are simply useful idiots, of course — it is all aimed at a very specific goal: nationalizing law enforcement and further empowering the emerging police state.

The riots in Baltimore could have easily been controlled by the city police department, according to law enforcement officers on the scene. Instead, they were allowed to spiral out of control, ostensibly forcing National Guard troops onto the streets to restore order. Outside agitators were also brought in to stir up more chaos.

According to Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, “splinter groups” from outside the area “threw metal barriers at officers and smashed windows of bars and restaurants,” the Baltimore Sun reported. While admitting that most of those arrested were locals, the police department also noted that “outside agitators continue to be the instigators behind acts of violence and destruction.” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie “space to destroy” Rawlings-Blake also blamed “outside forces” for much of the looting and violence against police. Multiple news reports even indicated that gangs were declaring open season on law enforcement. None of those forces are going away.        

Among the race mongers who descended on Baltimore was Al Sharpton, a close ally of the Obama administration who has been demanding “national policing” and other points on the White House agenda after each establishment media-fueled round of unrest. But Sharpton was hardly alone, either, and now, black supremacists are pushing a “race war” narrative and urging people to get violent in order to bring about “change.”

There are other interests at work, too. Video footage of protests against Baltimore police taken by Infowars in Texas revealed communist agitators flying communist flags with the hammer and sickle at the front of some demonstrations. Exploiting the anti-police hysteria in Baltimore, the Communist Party USA propaganda mouthpiece People’s World ran a column by CPUSA boss John Bachtell promoting “radical changes.” Bachtell recently boasted of how his party, once a tentacle of the mass-murdering Soviet regime inside the United States, “utilizes” the Democrat Party to advance its totalitarian agenda.    

Black supremacists, meanwhile, protected by the Obama administration from prosecution after being caught on video with weapons intimidating voters, are seizing the opportunity to fan the flames of hatred and violence. Speaking on “Black Power Radio” amid the rioting in Baltimore, New Black Panther Party National Chairman Hashim Nzinga claimed “America,” led by a half-black president, had “declared war” on blacks. As such, fellow black racists must be “willing to die or kill” to save what he referred to as “a black nation,” Nzinga argued.

Perhaps a testament to the failures of the government education system, the racist leader suggested that declaring war on Americans of other races should be applauded as America’s founders are celebrated.  “So if we say we are at war, we should be applauded like George Washington. We should be applauded like Thomas Jefferson,” the racist chairman continued. “We should be applauded like the Founding Fathers of the country.... We have to love ourselves enough to be willing to die or kill to save our babies and to save a black nation that is dying before our eyes.”  

Of course, white racists seized on Baltimore to attack all blacks, claiming outlandishly that the rioters and looters somehow justify hatred and oppression of an entire class of people based on arbitrary characteristics such as melanin content. With each establishment-fueled round of violence and unrest, white supremacists continue to expand their recruiting in preparation for “race wars.” After unrest surrounding Trayvon Martin, multiple “white-power” mongers also vowed to fight a “race war” against blacks. The hatred and polarization is being deliberately fueled by the establishment.

More “mainstream” black activists promoted by the establishment, meanwhile, are saying that “Baltimore is just the beginning,” as Muslim NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar put it in a column published by Time magazine — the same establishment organ that promoted rioting and looting as a legitimate form of protest amid the billionaire George Soros-funded unrest in Ferguson. He compared the Baltimore protests to the “Boston Tea Party.”

Repeatedly referring to what happened in Baltimore, a city with a black mayor and a black police chief, as an “uprising,” Abdul-Jabbar insisted it was about more than Freddie Gray. It is apparently about “systemic injustice,” which he views as applicable to blacks only. As Selwyn Duke recently documented using the objective data, that race-obsessed “blacks as sole victims” narrative fails spectacularly. Abdul-Jabbar, though, had some colorful analogies.  

“For African Americans, it feels as if we are all gathered together in the path of giant steamroller. We shout up at the driver to put on the brakes, but he keeps shouting for us to get out of the way. But there’s no place to go,” complained multi-millionaire Abdul-Jabbar, who was appointed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “cultural ambassador” for the U.S. government, adding that 70 unarmed blacks had been killed by police over a 15 year period. “We keep backing up and backing up. In Baltimore, it felt as though everyone’s back was against the wall, and there was no place to back up to anymore. If shouting doesn’t get the driver’s attention, maybe something more drastic will.”

Other race-obsessed voices also suggested more unrest was on the way. “More and more urban uprisings will take place in the future as long as political puppets, social opportunists and embedded informants masquerading as leaders call for peace, while the poor, the Black, the denied, the exploited and the oppressed masses are calling for equal rights and justice!” argued Lucius Gantt in the Florida Courier, with its motto “Sharing Black Life, Statewide.”

While careful to say he does not think destroying businesses and institutions is a “good idea,” Gantt quickly proceeds to explain why he believes it is. “If you look at past riots in Los Angeles, in Detroit, in Atlanta and urban uprisings in hundreds of other cities, when the skies light up and costs go up, things begin to happen,” Gantt wrote. “Compare Central Florida, New York City, Ferguson and other areas to Baltimore. In those cities, nothing happened after the non-violent marches called by so-called and politically endorsed Negro leaders. But when flames can be seen from miles and miles away, every resource a city has is put into action immediately!” He also suggested people should “die fighting for equal rights and justice” rather than be killed by police.

Analysts see Baltimore as a troubling sign of things to come. Firebrand radio talk-show host and Stop the Coming Civil War author Michael Savage, appearing on the Alex Jones show this week, suggested that a “civil war” had already started in America. “Has there been a civil war? Yeah, it’s a slow-burning civil war. What do you think we are looking at here? It’s a race war,” Savage argued, adding that Obama could seek to arm gang members, such as “the Crips and the Bloods,” allegedly to keep order.

“These are their shock troops, they don’t have the brown shirts yet, they don’t have the armbands, but soon Obama could deputize them,” Savage continued. “Isn’t that a natural army for him, Alex? Take the Crips and the Bloods, give them a green uniform and give them a weapon and they’ll keep order in the streets. Won’t they?” Of course, the Obama administration has already been caught arming Mexican drug cartels through operation Fast and Furious, which official documents later revealed was being exploited to "justify" more Obama attacks on gun rights.

The 96 percent of Americans who expect more unrest this summer are likely to be proven correct as the establishment seeks out incidents to hype and exploit. But behind the scenes, amid cries of “Black Lives Matter,” the establishment that is whipping up the unrest, hatred, and division will be laughing all the way to the bank as it fans and exploits the chaos to advance a totalitarian agenda. As usual, the American people — blacks, whites, police, and everyone else — will be the victims.

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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