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Armed Black Panthers March Against Police, Black “Genocide”

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“Free us or you die, cracker!” This was among many incendiary comments made by armed Revolutionary Black Panther agitators marching through Milwaukee streets on Sunday. Calling themselves a “human-rights tribunal,” the men directed vulgar chants at police and complained of “genocide” against black people.

Although it isn’t “genocide,” blacks do constitute 50 percent of U.S. homicide victims despite being only 13 percent of the population. And while over 90 percent of these victims are murdered by other blacks, not surprisingly, this isn’t what inspired the Black Panthers’ march. Rather, they were incensed over the cause of the deaths of four percent of these black homicide fatalities: violent confrontations with police.

The agitators were members of the Black Panthers of Milwaukee, and some menacingly displayed AR-15 rifles as they paraded through the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood. As ABC WISN reports:

The afternoon march, which they called a "human rights tribunal," was held in the name of Sylville Smith, Jay Anderson and others who have been killed by police officers. "This is genocide. It can't go on. Any other country, any other people it would be declared as such," said Dr. Alli Muhammad with the Revoluntionary [sic] Black Panther Party. The group on Friday called for the resignation of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Police Chief Ed Flynn.

While ABC put a relatively happy face on the march, it was typified by comments such as “F*** the pigs,” “Pigs out of our community,” “F*** the police,” and “Free us or you die, cracker” (video below).

“Cracker,” a derogatory term for white people, reflected the march’s unsurprising racial component. Ironically, however, the former Milwaukee police officer who shot criminal Sylville Smith, and who himself is now facing charges, is a 24-year-old black man named Dominque Heaggan-Brown. Fired after the shooting, which sparked days of unrest, Brown was charged last Thursday with first-degree reckless homicide.

Whether or not Brown is found guilty, his case is an outlier; most police shootings are justifiable and don’t inspire charges against an officer. Despite this, Black Panther-type agitation is now the norm. Communist agitators protested Smith’s death in Milwaukee in August; and armed Black Panthers also held a march in September in St. Louis, inspired by the death of Ferguson activist Darren Seals, who was found with gunshot wounds inside a burning car earlier this year (most likely murdered by a criminal). As for the marchers’ wielding of weapons, note that open “carrying a firearm is not arrestable absent any other violations of the law," as a Milwaukee police spokesman explained.

And what’s actually dangerous is the weaponizing of lies, a phenomenon that has led to “revenge” killings of police across the nation. The lies are epitomized by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which began with the fake-news-enabled “Hands up, don’t shoot!” deception. Originating with the 2014 self-defense shooting of criminal Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson, the phrase became a rallying cry for the movement, which is thoroughly based on deception.

Any activists truly concerned with black lives would focus on the 90-plus percent of black homicide victims — some innocent bystanders — killed by other blacks. They’d also protest the unseen black murder victims, the innocents killed via pre-natal infanticide, who constitute 30 percent of all such deaths.

Instead, these activists focus on police, whose mostly justifiable shootings account for, again, only four percent of black homicide casualties. As for whites, government statistics often show that only about eight percent of murdered blacks are killed by whites. Yet even this is deceptive because Hispanics (whose designation is ethnic, not racial) are generally included in the “white” category. In reality, the number of non-Hispanic, white-on-black murders is vanishingly small.

Moreover, consider the following facts:

• Far more whites than blacks are shot by police every year. In 2012, for example, the CDC tells us that 386 whites and 140 blacks were killed by police.

• Police are also more likely to shoot whites, relative to the races’ different homicide rates and the rates at which they feloniously shoot police. In other words, if you’re going to resist the cops, your chances of survival are better if you’re a black criminal.

• Studies have also shown that police are more willing to shoot whites, conditioned as they are to fear the possible social and career consequences that shooting a black suspect can entail.  

• Police shootings of black suspects have declined 75 percent during the last few decades.

• Police are more likely to be shot by a black person than they are to shoot one.

• The number of blacks shot by police is actually lower than black involvement in crime would lead one to predict.

Despite this, BLM-type agitators insist on laying the blame for what they call “black genocide” on police and whites. This denial of plain facts indicates that they themselves are driven by prejudice — the very thing about which they claim to be so outraged. 

Image: screenshot of YouTube video showing Black Panther "tribunal" in Milwaukee

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