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Key Player in Clinton Betrayal of U.S. Tells All in Secret Video

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A key figure in former President Bill Clinton's betrayal of the United States to the Communist Chinese military in exchange for illegal campaign funds, part of a scandal known as “Chinagate” widely described as treasonous, recorded a secret “life insurance” video exposing it all. In the film, made because he was scared of being assassinated, convicted illegal Clinton fundraiser Johnny Chung (shown, left, pointing at camera) explained how Democrats tried to silence him through intimidation. And now, part of the explosive video — dubbed by Chung's friend an “insurance policy” against being murdered — has been released to a leading British newspaper. The scandal continues, with the Obama administration reportedly helping shut down an FBI effort to investigate Clinton links to another Communist Chinese agent involved in the scandal.   

Chung, of course, became nationally infamous in the late 1990s after being caught funneling money from the “People's Liberation Army,” the mass-murdering Chinese regime's military, to the Democrat Party. In 1997, he told a Senate Committee that he provided $100,000 to the DNC that came from Beijing, with other estimates suggesting he funneled some $300,000 as one of multiple “straw” donors. “I see the White House is like a subway,” Chung said about Bill Clinton's presidency. “You have to put in coins to open the gates.” And opening the gates is what happened, with Chung visiting the White House almost 60 times.

In all, the small-time “businessman” reportedly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the murderous Chinese regime to the Clinton machine and the DNC to help secure Clinton's 1996 reelection, all in violation of federal campaign finance laws. The scheme involved Chinese General Ji Shengde, who at the time was the chief of the brutal dictatorship's military intelligence, and Liu Chaoying, a Chinese military lieutenant who gave Chung the money to pass along. There were reportedly a number of other “straw donors” funneling Beijing's cash to the Clintons as well. Chung was ultimately convicted of a number of related crimes, including conspiracy to violate campaign-finance laws.

At the time, with the Chinagate scandal raising calls for his impeachment and prosecution for possible treason, Clinton argued that the huge “donations” had not influenced his decisions — often illegal decisions that gave the Communist Chinese regime key military technology and put U.S. national security at risk, not to mention the economic consequences. “The decisions we made, we made because we thought they were in the interests of the American people,” Clinton claimed, almost certainly falsely. Through Chung, Clinton was even able to meet one of the senior Chinese military officials involved in the treasonous scheming.    

Among other huge benefits for the Chinese regime, the Clinton administration decided, after receiving the money, to overturn a State Department policy classifying satellites as munitions. Clinton's action made it easier for the regime to acquire the satellites needed to launch rockets. And more than a few lawmakers suspected that Clinton's actions helped Beijing and its totalitarian allies to develop nuclear missiles, too.  

Some top military officials were unequivocal in speaking out against Clinton and the actions he almost certainly took in exchange for illegal campaign contributions. “President Clinton promised to restrain those who ordered the Tiananmen Square massacre, but he has now allowed these men whose hands are stained with the blood of martyrs of freedom into the highest reaches of our military defenses, and made available to them significant portions of our advanced military technology,” wrote former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer.

In the newly released video, first reported publicly by the U.K. Daily Mail paper, Chung explains how he illegally funneled money to the Clintons. The Chinese-American "businessman," who is said to still be alive and living somewhere in China, described in the film how he feared for his life, making the secret film as an “insurance policy” against a potential assassination attempt. For reasons that were not immediately clear, somebody — either Chung or somebody else with access to the video — decided to finally release it. Instead of reporting on the explosive new evidence against the Clintons, though, the establishment media have focused on implausible conspiracy theories surrounding Donald Trump and Russia.

Among the explosive revelations in the film is what Chung claimed to be an effort by the Democratic Party to silence him in what sounded like a blatant case of witness tampering and intimidation. For example, Chung explained that Democrats on the House Committee on Government Reform sought to persuade him not to testify before Congress. Instead of telling the truth, he was urged to invoke his right not to incriminate himself under the U.S. Constitution's Fifth Amendment.

Chung's attorney, he said on the tape, said a letter from Democrats encouraging Chung to plead the Fifth Amendment was meant to be a threat aimed at convincing him to keep his mouth shut. “My attorney is a fine and good attorney in the West Coast,” Chung says in the video, excerpts of which were published by the Mail. “Besides, every good American attorney, they know how to take the fifth.… [The Democrats] sent a package to my attorney for one purpose.”

The film was reportedly recorded in 2000 while Chung was in hiding. The cameraman was Bob Abernethy, a friend from Chung's church who approved of it being shown publicly. The Daily Mail said excerpts of the video were provided to the paper by author and historian Doug Wead. He is writing a book, entitled Game of Thorns, about Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 bid for the White House and a “long-running operation” by the dictatorship in Beijing to buy influence with what critics sometimes call “Clinton, Inc.”

Of course, more than a few books have been written exposing massive corruption involving the Clinton “crime family” and the never-ending bribers from foreign regimes. The “Clinton Foundation” is still the subject of swirling controversies, though donations from foreign regimes and Big Business dried up as soon as Clinton lost the election. Most recently, Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, detailing a wide array of apparent crimes perpetrated by the Clintons. Calls for criminal investigations at the state and federal level for a wide variety of criminal activities have continued to plague the Clintons, too.   

Rumors surrounding what is known as the “Clinton body count” (type the term into any search engine to learn more) have long been well known. Basically, dozens of people close to the Clintons have turned up dead in highly suspicious circumstances at convenient times, including Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, and many others. And the mass-murdering regime ruling China has the dubious distinction of murdering more human beings than any other in human history. So Chung had good reason to be concerned about his safety.  

“The reason Johnny asked me to do this interview with him was to make the information publicly available [in case of his death] and also as a type of life insurance since he was very concerned about his safety,” explained Abernethy, the software executive who recorded the film, to the Mail. “His concern about his safety was understandable, given that there had been three attempts on his life which required FBI protection … and given his knowledge of what happened to people such as Ron Brown, who as Secretary of Commerce, was deeply involved in arranging — and selling seats on — Clinton administration trade missions to China.” Brown later died in a suspicious plane crash in Croatia.

Federal officials, with whom Chung cooperated fully, understood the threat, too, providing Chung with a 24/7 FBI protection detail. Incredibly, though, for reasons that still remain unclear, Chung explained on the tape that he received a phone call shortly before he was scheduled to testify to a grand jury informing him that the FBI protection detail had been called off. According to Chung, one U.S. attorney involved in the case told him to “call 911” just like any “normal American citizen” if he felt his life was in danger.

Chung was eventually convicted for his role in Chinagate, but the top American and Chinese officials in the case escaped prosecution and punishment for reasons that remain unclear. The conveniently timed Monica Lewinsky scandal helped take the spotlight off Chinagate as the pro-Clinton media desperately sought to deflect growing outrage about what many critics called treason. The lack of accountability faced by the Clintons, DNC officials, and top government employees, though, did rouse concerns among observers, even including the federal judge who sentenced Chung.

“It's very strange that the giver [of Communist Chinese bribes] pleads guilty and the givee [Clinton and the Democrats] gets off free,” U.S. District Judge Manuel Real was quoted as saying, blasting DNC leaders as “two of the dumbest politicians I've ever seen” if they did not realize something was amiss in the scheme. The judge also slammed lawless U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno for blocking the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate her boss and other players involved in Chinagate. 

Obviously, Chung was hardly the only player involved. Another Communist Chinese agent and self-styled “businessman,” Ng Lap Seng, was accused of pouring $1 million into Clinton's reelection campaign war chest. The dirty money was laundered through Clinton crony Charlie Trie, who also pled guilty to violating campaign-finance laws. Ng was arrested by an independent-minded U.S. prosecutor in 2015 with a suitcase full of money. The charges included allegedly bribing former UN General Assembly President John Ashe, who also died in mysterious circumstances before he could testify. According to Wead, who provided the video to the Mail, the FBI wanted to investigate Ng's links to the Clintons but was blocked by the Obama administration and the politicized Justice Department.     

One of Trump's key campaign slogans was “lock her up,” a reference to putting his opponent, Democrat “Crooked Hillary” Clinton, behind bars for an array of extremely serious crimes. The crowds loved it, chanting with Trump at huge rallies all across America. Since being elected, Trump has softened his tone. But with new revelations surrounding Clinton corruption and possible treason still emerging, it is past time for a proper investigation to be carried out by a special prosecutor. Trump and Attorney General Sessions should do everything possible to ensure that justice is served.

Photo of Johnny Chung with Clintons at a 1994 White House Christmas party: AP Images

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