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Accused Cop Killer Exposed as Anti-police “Moor” Extremist

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ORLANDO, Florida — While the establishment media have done their best to conceal the explosive information, social media posts reveal that the Florida man charged with murdering Kissimmee police officers last month was affiliated with a black extremist sect, describing himself as “Moor.” Based on his vitriolic Facebook posts attacking police, President Donald Trump, America, and white people, the accused cop-killer appears to have been whipped into a frenzy over racism and slavery by the establishment media. He also showered praise on an infamous violent communist leader, suggesting he needed to find a wife like her.

It would not be the first time that a self-styled “Moor,” goaded to the point of hysteria by the dishonest media, has murdered police officers. Indeed, just last summer, another so-called “Moor” — adherents of a bizarre, loosely defined ideology that mixes some “sovereign citizen” views with racism, hatred of America, Islamic-style beliefs, and outright absurdities — ambushed and murdered three police officers in Louisiana. And unfortunately for police and public safety, almost nobody is talking about the important details so far. 


On August 18, 45-year-old Everett Glenn Miller (shown), a former U.S. Marine who started going by the name “Malik Mohammad Ali” in the weeks before the murder, allegedly ambushed Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard in Kissimmee, Florida, near Orlando. “It looked like they were surprised,” said Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell. The two lawmen, responding to a disturbance call, never even had a chance to return fire, according to reports. A ceremony for the fallen officers was held on September 22. Despite Miller's hatred of whites, one of his victims was actually black.    

“They are both wonderful men, family men. They are both very committed to the community,” explained Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell. “They were the epitome of what you ask for in law enforcement officers.” Baxter, who was 27, leaves behind four small children, while Howard, who was 36, had one child. “We do not get to stop and cry for someone we’ve lost or mourn our hero,” O'Dell said. “At the time we go through it, the men and women of law enforcement are required to continue working and bring this individual to justice.”

After the two officers were shot, the suspect ran to a bar, where he was tackled by an Osceola County Sheriff’s deputy while reaching for his waistband. Chief Dell described the deputy's actions as “extremely brave and heroic.” After the suspect was on the ground, lawmen found two pistols, a 9mm and a .22 revolver, according to reports. Miller was arrested, charged with first-degree murder and other less serious charges, and has made an initial court appearance.

While Facebook has taken down the accused cop-killer's page, a number of media reports captured some of the information prior to its disappearance down the proverbial memory hole. It is clear that Miller had a profound hatred for police, white people, America, and President Trump, among others. “White parents taught you to hate my skin color,” the accused wrote on Facebook before allegedly murdering the officers. “Thats why..i always say white ppl hate. My parents told me to be scared of white ppl. Why..cause why [sic] ppl kill.”

In addition to “white” people, Miller also displayed a profound hatred for police, whom he accused of being racist as well. “Cops are not Racist..that was 50 years..we treat n****** good. We let them play sports. F*** bastards,” he wrote on social media (The New American has blanked out some of the obscenities used in the original posts). Hours before allegedly murdering the two Kissimmee lawmen, he made a post claiming that white supremacists had infiltrated police departments.

Ironically, in a separate recent post, Miller admitted to being a racist himself. “I am a racist,” he wrote. “We are all racist.” In an astute observation that he apparently did not heed himself, Miller, referring to the killing of a Black Panther leader, even pointed out that “the ruling class uses racism to exploit working people.”

In another post a few hours before the killing, Miller expressed concerns that homosexuals have more rights than black people. He attributed the problem to Obama, whom he referred to using a racial slur for black people. “LGBT has more rights than me as a black man,” Miller complained, buying into the “progressive” narrative of government privileges belonging to collectives such as women, homosexuals, blacks, and so on rather than the American tradition of inalienable rights endowed on each individual by God. “Obama said ita [sic] better to be gay than black.”

A few days before the murders, Miller's page, sounding a lot like the terroristic Antifa that has been brutally beating those it disagrees with, shared a video about the clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. Miller also used the occasion to threaten violence against those with whom he disagreed. “Confederate Nazis…i will hurt you all,” Miller warned. “You are the enemy. You can run but you cant hide.” Another post blasted “racist” America. “America is evil,” he added.  

In another post, which featured a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr., Miller advocated murdering police by putting words in King's mouth. “When I said march I didn’t mean forever m****f****,” read the photo Miller shared, produced by rraw.dub@instagram. “Shoot back!” Along with the photo, Miller offered his own comments. “When them ni$$@ wake up.. its (sic) going to be some hell to answer for,” the accused killer wrote. “You only can poke a tie up dog for so long. Once that chain breaks its over. Wake up America before its too late.”

That same day, he shared a photo of Malcolm X, a race-obsessed black supremacist who helped lead the controversial Nation of Islam and advocated for segregation of blacks and whites. “Yall n***** better wake up…mind control is real,” Miller said along with the photo of Malcolm X, who ended up being assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam.    

In another post featuring a photograph of Communist Party USA and Black Panther Party leader and violent militant Angela Davis, Miller said black women were “programmed” and so he needed to find somebody like Davis. “I am a moor..I need a Warrior Queen becuse [sic]..I am a King of know person..i am a King of Myself,” he wrote. “I am A Moor!” Davis, who was prosecuted for allegedly buying guns that were used to murder a judge, went to Moscow to receive the “Lenin Peace Prize” from mass-murdering Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhnev.

Miller's reference to being a “Moor” could be significant, experts and analysts said. Aside from its association with the Muslim world, the term was popularized in America almost a century ago by the “Moorish Science Temple of America.” Originally, the Moorish science organization claimed, falsely, that American blacks were descended from the Moorish empire, making them "Moorish nationals" and Muslims. More recently, though, the term Moor has been used by militants having nothing to do with the old movement. Instead, according to reports, self-styled “Moorish nationals” and “Moors” have been going around trying to steal property, claiming laws do not apply to them, making violent threats, and more.

Among the most well-known “Moors” was Jeff Fort, the former leader of a violent street gang in Chicago. In 1987, he was convicted in U.S. court for conspiring to blow up U.S. government buildings with the Gadhafi regime in Libya. More recently, Gavin Long, who shot six police officers in July of 2016 in an ambush, killing three, was also identified as a self-described “Moor” and a member of the so-called “Washitaw Nation,” described in reports as a Moorish sect. Like Miller, Long made numerous posts on social media attacking police, white people, racism, America, and more.  

A spokesperson for the Kissimmee Police Department told The New American that she did not have any information available on the “Moor” issue and whether or not it played any role in the murders. The department was not able to obtain and release any relevant records by press time, citing the sensitivity of the case and the ongoing prosecution. The spokesperson said the records, if they exist, would be made available within a “reasonable” time frame, which is what Florida law requires in releasing public records.  

While his Facebook page was taken down, a YouTube page belonging to Miller did come to the attention of law enforcement. It features videos of Miller at a range shooting various firearms, including the two that he was reportedly in possession of the night he was arrested for the murders. One video on YouTube shows Miller using a tiny .22 caliber North American magnum, sometimes referred to as a “derringer,” to practice head shots at 10 feet away. The night he was arrested, the .22 in his possession reportedly had one live round and four spent casings. Law enforcement officials not connected to the case suggested the YouTube videos could help prove intent.  

Instead of focusing on the anti-police remarks, the hate, and the obvious evidence that Miller had been whipped into a frenzy against “white people” and police by the establishment media, some of the local press that covered the shooting tried to make the issue about guns — at least when they covered the story at all. Writing in the Orlando Sentinel, for example, David Harris quoted numerous self-styled experts fretting about alleged “loopholes” in firearms laws. Other sources quoted in the article suggested that people should lose their gun rights merely for being accused by a psychiatrist of having some alleged mental illness — disorders that are literally invented and voted on by psychiatrists themselves.  

Much of the media focus surrounding the slayings has centered on Miller's recent mental health examination under Florida's Baker Act. Miller was taken in under the statute, which allows individuals to be examined for up to 72 hours, but was eventually released. His social media posts advocating the killing of police were noticed by law enforcement and sparked enough concern for the Orlando Police Department's Intelligence Unit to send out a memo warning officers about Miller and urging caution when approaching him.

In a Facebook video reportedly put out by Miller and cited in the alert, which apparently was not received by other local agencies in the area, Miller threatened to kill police. “If this cop comes out with his gun, I'm going to shoot me a cop,” he was quoted as saying. “No cop is going to get Glenn Miller today.” It was not immediately clear whether the violent Internet postings played any role in him being involuntarily examined by authorities. Some reports have also referred to alleged “PTSD” from his military service.

The same night that Baxter and Howard were shot, four other police officers were also shot, including two in Jacksonville, Florida, and two in Pennsylvania. The Jacksonville shooter was identified by authorities as Derrick Brabham. And based on his social media posts, he, too, was whipped into a frenzy by the establishment media's incessant race-mongering, fuming on social media about the KKK, racism, police, white people, Trump, Black Lives Matter, and more. “I wanna say black lives matter but I don’t feel like mine does,” he wrote on Facebook. Police said alcohol and domestic violence were also involved in the incident. Officers ended up shooting and killing Brabham after he shot two officers.

Last summer, another “black power” activist riled up by the establishment press murdered five police officers in Dallas, Texas. A few years earlier, fired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer Christopher Jordan Dorner hunted down and shot some of his former colleagues and their family members, killing four. In a bizarre manifesto focusing on alleged racism and other issues, he praised Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a number of establishment media personalities such as Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, and Anderson Cooper whose constant race-mongering may have driven him over the edge. Dorner was killed in a shoot-out with police.   


Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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