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Top House Republicans Announce Investigations into UraniumGate and Clinton E-mail Scandal

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It’s shaping up to be a bad month for Democrats. There is the mounting evidence about the Clintons’ collusion in the UraniumOne deal. There is also the revelation that FBI Director James Comey shamelessly protected Hillary Clinton in the dog and pony show that he passed off as an investigation into her illegal use of a private e-mail server. And on Tuesday, the fallout has led House Republicans to announce the launch of two new congressional probes.

One probe will focus on how the Obama administration’s Department of Justice handled (or mishandled) the UraniumOne deal that transferred between 20 and 25 percent of U.S. uranium to Russian control. The other will focus on how that same Department of Justice conducted its investigation of Clinton’s flagrantly illegal actions when — as secretary of state — she conducted State Department business (including sending and receiving thousands of classified e-mails) over her unsecured, unauthorized, illegal, private e-mail server and account.

The new investigations involve members of the House Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight Committee, and the House Intelligence Committee. The big guns seem to have some key people from the previous administration in their sights.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said that the panel has been “looking into” UraniumGate “for a while now” and decided to make the investigation official after The Hill reported last week that the deal had involved bribery, collusion, and coverup. As The New American reported at the time:

Now, more is known about that deal. And the more that comes out, the worse it looks for both Clinton and Obama: FBI and court documents show that the Obama-era FBI (under the “leadership” of ousted FBI Director James Comey) was aware that Putin’s regime in Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, according to a report by The Hill. As an aside, does anyone still think it was a mistake for Trump to fire Comey?

This is far from Nunes’ first involvement in an investigation involving allegations that highly placed Americans colluded with Russia. In April, The New American reported that Nunes had himself been a victim in the Trump/Russia witch hunt, when he was forced to step down from that investigation. Given that recent unpleasantness, Nunes may have an opportunity to enjoy doing his duty as chairman of his committee.

He told the press the first question the investigation will seek to answer is whether there was “actually an open FBI investigation” of the UraniumOne deal “or not.” The Washington Post quoted Representative Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) as saying that members of the panel have identified a “witness who was a confidential informant who wants to talk about his role in this,” but will first need to be released from a nondisclosure agreement he has with the Department of Justice.

In what universe does it make any sense for a federal agency to be able to hold up a nondisclosure agreement and threaten to stymie an investigation by the House of Representatives?

Democrats have spent more than a year now demanding investigations into Russian meddling in U.S. elections and collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Now that they have their investigations, they are certain not to like where those investigations are headed. Because those investigations seem to be circling back and honing in on some of the very people who demanded they be launched. For instance, NBC News reported Tuesday that Tony Podesta (the brother of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta) and his company “are now the subjects of a federal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.” This coincides with new reports that the FBI has spent two years gathering evidence “as Russian agents — including a major sleeper cell — worked to gain access to then-Secretary of State Clinton, husband Bill and members of their inner circle,” according to the New York Post.

And while Clinton said Monday that claims of wrongdoing in the UraniumOne deal are “baloney,” nothing she says can brush aside the fact that her husband, former (and disgraced) President Bill Clinton, sought permission from the Department of State (headed by Hillary) in 2010 to meet with “a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom” in 2010 — just as that company was seeking the Obama administration’s approval for the UraniumOne deal, according to a report from The Hill. Or that Bill met with Vladimir Putin in the Russian president’s private home during that same time, according to official documents cited in that same report.

That — for those Democrats still wondering — is what collusion looks like.

The other investigation announced by leading House Republicans is looking into the lack of anything resembling a real investigation into Clinton’s illegal handling of classified intelligence that she sent, received, and stored on her home-brew e-mail server in what looks for all the world like an attempt to circumvent laws regarding the archiving of her official communications as secretary of state.

That Clinton is clearly guilty of a litany of crimes is in no way diminished by the fact the Comey chose to act as one part Clinton lapdog and one part Clinton guard dog. Now that there is the chance for a real investigation to take place — headed by people who are not beholden to the Clintons or the Obama administration — there is also the likelihood that the outcome will be very different from the two passes given to Clinton by Comey, who, FBI documents show, bent over backward to protect Clinton from the results of a real investigation under his “leadership.”

Between UraniumGate and the e-mail scandal, it looks like dark days ahead for Democrats. And that could mean brighter days ahead for America as the cloud of liberalism cast by those Democrats begins to dissipate.

The big question is how much of the light of truth can the Democrat Party take.

Photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton: AP Images

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