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Gay Man: Booker Assaulted Me in a Bathroom

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A homosexual has accused Democratic Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) of a bathroom sex assault in 2014.

The putative 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, the man alleges, tried to force him to perform oral sex.

So the New Jersey leftist who joined the lynch mob trying to hang U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on unproven charges of sex crimes now faces unproven and perhaps unprovable accusations himself.

So far, the mainstream media have been silent.

The Allegations
The allegations surfaced a few days ago in a 2,116-word PDF posted to Google docs. The document describes a chilling restroom encounter with the leftist senator.

Booker’s accuser, who identifies as “Deep Throat” on Twitter, writes that he is a liberal who voted “reflexively” for Democrats since he was 18 until 2016. “But it was in the summer of 2014, when Senator Booker visited my workplace, that my political worldview began to shift.”

The writer was impressed to meet such a stellar champion of the so-called “LGBT community,” a man the writer calls a “hero of mine.” But then he bumped into Booker in the restroom, which is where, he writes, Booker treated him like a hooker. He suffered “what would prove to be a much less pleasant interaction.”

I stopped to use one of the building's single-occupancy restrooms. Upon washing my hands prior to leaving, I heard knocking on the door. When it comes to these restrooms it is customary to knock first in case someone is using it, even though there is an inner lock. When I opened the door, Mr. Booker was there. He smiled and very gregariously said “Hey!”

Booker and the fellow chatted for a bit and the senator asked him to speak “in private,” the accuser writes, but “what happened next happened so fast that it was hard for me to comprehend what was going on.”

Then Booker, who admits he groped a 15-year-old girl in 1992, made his move:

He pulled me into the restroom, albeit not too forcefully and slowly pushed me against the restroom wall. He said that “Being a hero was a serious turn-on.” He continued, “The Senate appreciates fine citizens like you. Especially this Senator.” He then put his left hand on my groin, over my jeans and began to rub. I seem to remember saying something like “What is happening?” It was a bit like having vertigo. He then used his other hand to grab my left hand with his right and pulled it over to touch him. At the same time, he disengaged from rubbing me and used his left hand to push me to my knees from my shoulder for what was clearly a move to have me perform oral sex on him. At that point, I pulled away quite violently and told him I had to go. I did not see him again before he left.

The writer of the document does not accuse of Booker of being a homosexual. Like many if not most homosexuals, the writer was abused as a child and also suffered sexual harassment at work. He claims to have sought the counsel of three psychologists. He also tried to commit suicide.

“Watching Mr. Booker’s histrionic defense of alleged sexual assault victims was so laughably ironic, so jarringly cringeworthy and so triggering,” he wrote, “that it put me into a state of depressed rumination.”

Media Ignores Booker’s Accuser
On the advice of a lawyer affiliated with the Republican National Committee, the writer contacted Ronan Farrow, the New Yorker scribe who leveled some of the shaky, unproven allegations against Kavanaugh. Farrow has not, apparently, contacted the writer.

But because a feminist celebrity turned the #MeToo movement in a political weapon, the writer claims, his cause is hopeless.

So therein lies the rub. I’m not a woman. I do consider myself liberal but I no longer consider myself a Democrat. And the perpetrator of my story is a Democratic hero/2020 contender...hardly a tale that can be programmed, categorized or easily referenced by the modern American media apparatus.

But The New Yorker isn’t the only media outlet to ignore the writer. A Google search of the topic returned nothing from the New York Times, the Washington Post, or Newark Star-Ledger, the top newspaper in Booker’s state of New Jersey.

The Times search returned a link to radio station in Indianapolis, which recycled a story from Chicks On The Right.

Other searches return hits to conservative websites, calls for Farrow to get to work, and a story in the Washington Examiner detailing Fox talker Laura Ingraham’s defense of the senator.

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