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Monday, 17 December 2018

Marines Testify: Antifa Goons Attacked Us In Philly

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The violent anti-American goons of Antifa were at it again last month.

They attacked two U.S. Marines in Philadelphia on November 17, and on Thursday, the Marines testified in court. The weapons? Fist, feet, and mace.

The thugs had assembled in the City of Brotherly Love to protest a “We the People” rally staged by the “Proud Boys” group.

Tough Tour
Marines Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres testified in uniform, Philly magazine reported, and described a harrowing attack by a swarming “anti-fascist’ goon squad. Two Marine officers watched the testimony.

The suspects, Thomas Massey and Tom Keenan, said nothing, the magazine reported, perhaps terrified of inviting a beat down from the Few and the Proud. Unsurprisingly, the suspects hid their faces from cameras.

“The Marines, who are not from the Philadelphia area, said that they had traveled to the city with other members of their helicopter unit, headquartered at Fort Dix, to attend a Marine event that night at a local hotel ballroom,” the magazine reported.

They knew nothing of the rally, and the two were touring landmarks when tough-guy Keenan approached, Philly reported, citing their testimony.

“Are you proud?” he asked.

“We are Marines,” Godinez replied.

“Torres said that he remembers Keenan asking ‘Are you Proud Boys?,’ an allusion to one of the alt-right groups behind the rally, and one that Torres said he didn’t understand,” the magazine reported.

“I didn’t know what Proud Boys meant,” Torres testified.

That’s when it got rough:

Whatever Keenan said, both Marines testified that Keenan, Massey, and approximately ten other people — men and women, some masked and some unmasked — then began attacking them with mace, punches, and kicks, and calling them “nazis” and “white supremacists.”

On the stand, Godinez said that he was “bewildered” by being called a white supremacist and immediately cried out, “I’m Mexican!” After that, as the attack continued, both men said that members of the group, including Keenan, repeatedly used ethnic slurs, including “spic” and “wetback,” against the Marines. (There was no testimony that Massey used any such language).

Godinez testified that he was maced at least six times, hit in the head, and kicked in the ribs, and he said that while he was being “stomped,” members of the group, which the judge and the district attorney’s office have both referred to as a “mob,” chanted “f**k him up” over and over again.

As well, the Philly reported, Godinez testified that suspect Keenan was “laughing, smiling, and having a good time, while I could have died that day.”

The other suspect goon punched Torres in the face “full force.” 

It was two Marines versus 10 to 12 Antifa thugs, Godinez told Philly, and such was the mace attack that Godinez couldn’t see his phone to call 911.

The two Antifa goons will be tried on felonies:

After Godinez and Torres testified and the defense lawyers made brief arguments, the judge ruled that both men would be held for trial on aggravated assault and conspiracy charges — both felonies — as well as several misdemeanors. The judge also added a felony charge of ethnic intimidation against Keenan. Their next court date is December 27th.

In an earlier story, Philly noted that Keenan’s been in trouble with the law before.

Antifa Violence Not Uncommon
Antifa is well known for its near-murderous street violence.

The goons have attacked police across Washington, D.C., and Charlottesville, Virginia. In Portland, Oregon, they have even taken control of the streets while the mayor, an Antifa sympathizer, did nothing. They have also called for the assassination of the president.

Worst thing is, they don’t go to jail even when they commit a blatant assault that could justifiably be described as attempted murder.

In one of the worst examples of Antifa’s brownshirt tactics, a philosophy professor named Eric Clanton was hit with four felony assault charges after he attacked at least seven people with a heavy U-lock for bikes. One of the victims required five staples to close the wound.

Somehow the goon skated on the felony charges and was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor battery. He received three months probation for nearly killing someone. Such was the gravity of his crime that homicide detectives handled it.

The FBI has labeled the group’s activities as “domestic terrorist violence.”

Photo: AP Images

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