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ICE Foils Two N.Y. Attempts To Help Illegals Escape; One Bites Off Agent’s Fingertip

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New York City’s sanctuary policy proved yet again why illegal aliens must be rounded up and deported, but at least the victim in this crime lived.

An illegal immigrant, who has been deported previously and faces a local assault charge, attacked an Immigration and Customs and Enforcement agent. The illegal bit off the tip of the agent’s finger.

That was the first of two detainers New York law enforcement refused to honor of late. The second involved another of those immigrants who “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” He had been charged with rape.

But sanctuary policies often cause more than the loss of a finger. Too often, murder is the result.

The Biter
Christopher Santos Felix, ICE alleges, is the man who chowed down on the ICE agent’s left ring finger, reported. A statement from the agency said the city’s “dangerous ‘sanctuary’ policies are directly responsible for the egregious and violent harm suffered by this courageous ICE officer.”

The Dominican national, ICE said, “entered the United States on a visitor’s visa in June 2015, but failed to leave within the required timeframe.” Like so many illegals, he is a criminal, and like so many illegals, he has a drunk-driving conviction. Police arrested him for assault on September 29.

But ICE collared him:

On that same date, ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officer lodged a detainer for Santos Felix, however the detainer was not honored and he was released from local custody. On March 3, 2019, Santos Felix was arrested by ERO for immigration violations. At the time of the arrest, Santos Felix allegedly assaulted an ERO officer and is now facing federal prosecution.

The criminal complaint against the Caribbean Chomper, the Daily Caller reported, alleges “he attacked ICE officers after his handcuffs were temporarily removed so that he could put on some clothing. Officers quickly moved to secure Felix and while they were restraining him, he bit the officer’s finger.”

Federal officials rightly aimed fire at New York and its crazy leftist activists and politicians. “The officer’s injury was the direct, foreseeable and entirely avoidable result of New York’s criminal alien sanctuary policies,” DHS official said, the websites reported. “Proponents of sanctuary policies claim they make communities safer, but in many cases they are causing more harm than good.”

Another One
Felix wasn’t the only border-jumping illegal that ICE collared recently in New York, no thanks to the local authorities. They also caught another illegal whom police had charged with rape.

ICE reported that Enforcement and Removal Operations arrested a 28-year-old border-jumping Guatemalan on March 14 after locals freed him so he could disappear again. Westchester County authorities loosed the illegal upon unsuspecting residents because of the county’s Immigrant Protection Act:

On Feb. 14, he was arrested by the New Rochelle Police Department and charged with Rape 3rd Degree. On Feb. 19, ICE issued a detainer to the Westchester County Department of Corrections. On Feb. 25, the active detainer was not honored, and he was released on bond from the Westchester County Jail. This individual was previously removed by ICE on July 22, 2009, and unlawfully returned to the U.S on an unknown date, and place. On March 14, ERO deportation officers arrested him in New Rochelle, New York. He is currently detained in ICE custody pending removal to Guatemala.

Thomas Decker, chief of the ERO field office in New York, explained again why sanctuary policies are so harmful: “This man with pending rape charges in Westchester, was released back into the unsuspecting community as the local authorities were prevented from honoring our detainer because of their new immigrant protection act.”

In January, ICE agents rounded up more than 100 illegal-alien criminals in New York that local authorities should have turned over to police.

Unhappily, ICE can’t always catch an illegal released under sanctuary policies before he murders someone.

In December 2017, ICE placed a detainer on an illegal alien who was jailed for domestic violence in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The county ignored that detainer, pursuant to its sanctuary law. The illegal murdered three people in Missouri a year later.

More recently, authorities in California blamed the state’s sanctuary laws for the murder of a policeman.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says ICE agents are a “bunch thugs.”

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