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CBP Catches Sex Fiends at Border; Rescues Another Illegal; Seizes More Drugs

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Families, single adults, and unaccompanied minors aren’t the only class of illegals piling up the at border in the mad rush to claim squatter’s rights in the United States.

Convicted sex perverts show up as well. Customs and Border Protection locked up four in the last week.

Beyond that, the agency reported Thursday, border agents had to pull another illegal-alien child out of the Rio Grande with his irresponsible mother, and agents also impounded another $3 million-plus in drugs.

Previously Deported Sex Fiends
On Wednesday, CBP reported, agents in the El Centro border sector arrested an illegal who crossed the border 17.5 miles west of the Calexico West port.

The routine background check revealed that Mexican Bernardino Sanchez-Perea, 30, was convicted on September 12, 2010 of having sex with a child three years or younger in Skagit County, Washington. That crime sent him to jail for 15 months, and immigration authorities booted him out of the country in 2011.

In addition to that fellow who does the jobs Americans won’t do, agents at Eagle Pass collared two more previously deported sex perverts.

On Thursday, CBP reported, agents caught a 34-year-old Honduran convicted three years ago in Brookhaven, Georgia, of child molestation. After 18 months in jail, immigration authorities deported him.

On Tuesday, agents collared another Honduran, this one 35. Police in Harrisonburg, Virginia, nailed him on four counts of sex crimes against a child in 2008, the agency reported, which ended in a five-year prison term and deportation in 2010.

Border agents arrested two more coming through southern New Mexico.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, agents caught a 36-year-old Guatemalan, previously deported in 2016. The pervert had an “extensive criminal history,” the agency reported, including “convictions for lewd acts with a child under the age of 14,” in Santa Clarita, California.

A 44-year-old Guatemalan sex criminal turned up in a group of four illegals caught near the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. He was deported after serving a sentence for a first-degree sex assault conviction in Colorado.

But that group included some other interesting people, CBP reported: two Chinese nationals.

Agents also had to save the life of yet another irresponsible illegal-alien parent, this one a mother with a small child. Marine agents at Eagle Pass were patrolling the river near the port of entry when they saw a woman holding an inner tube and small child, standing on the Mexican side of the river. A man pushed them in the water, which swept them downstream. Agents rescued the pair.

Had the woman not been trying to enter the United States illegally, she would not have almost drowned with her child.

That story is the second CBP posted this week about agents rescuing illegals in the Rio Grande. On Wednesday, The New American reported, a small child died on the river and three other people went missing when they tried to cross in a raft. That rescue required an agent to dive into the water.

The river will remain at flood stage for the next 12 days, the agency reported, but the danger does not seem to dissuade the illegals, who are not only endangering their lives and the lives of their children, but also the lives of the border agents who must rescue them.

Drug Busts: $3M-Plus
Agents at the Hidalgo International Bridge in Texas collared a 20-year-old Mexican in a Nissan Juke packed with $1.85 million of drugs, CBP reported. They found 48 packages of suspected methamphetamine that weighed 92.51 pounds.

At the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge at Laredo, Texas, on Saturday, a canine and non-intrusive imaging inspection found 50 pounds of crystal meth worth $1 million packed in a 2006 Volkswagen Bora. The driver was a 23-year-old Mexican.

As The New American reported yesterday, border agents have seized more than $2 million in drugs at the Nogales port in the last few days.

But the drugs kept coming in, CBP reported. Agents at the Dennis Deconcini crossing put the cuffs on a 48-year-old Mexican. He packed 70 packages of drugs in the “non-factory compartment” of the floor. Authorities confiscated 80 pounds of meth, valued at more than $240,000. They also seized a half pound of fentanyl worth more than $8,000.

Agents in San Luis caught a 29-year-old American woman with 40 packages of meth worth more than $131,000 in the spare tire with a weight of nearly 44 pounds.

They also collared a 23-year-old resident of San Luis with $186,000 worth of fentanyl stuffed in his groin.

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