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Shooting Suspect’s Father a Twice-deported Illegal Alien Who Attacked Suspect’s Mother

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The father of one of the two suspects arrested in the high school shooting near Denver, Colorado, is a twice-deported illegal alien who has a history of domestic violence.

Jose Evis Quintana, a 33-year-old border-jumping Mexican, the Daily Mail reported on Friday, is the father of “Alec” McKinney, whose real name is Maya but calls herself a boy.

McKinney, 16, and Devon Erickson,18, are charged with murdering one and wounding eight at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Question: Does the twisted, domestic turbulence McKinney suffered and witnessed help explain her mental condition and her role in the shooting?

His Record

The Daily Mail obtained Quintana’s lengthy rap sheet, which depicts a violent illegal-alien criminal who somehow persuaded “Alec’s” mother, Morgan, to marry him, his domestic brutality notwithstanding.

“Alec” was born in 2003, and there followed a brother in 2007 and a daughter in 2008.

In August that year, cops charged the illegal alien with attempted kidnapping, “menacing with a weapon,” evading police in a car, and driving without a valid license, the Daily Mail reported. The person he “menaced” was his wife.

Released on bail in January 2009, cops put him behind bars again in February for violating bail terms. “Court papers,” the newspaper reported, “said Quintana ‘wishes to stay in custody since he has a problem with drugs and alcohol.’”

While Quintana cooled his heels in the slammer, a court awarded wife Morgan custody of the three kids. In September, authorities dropped all but the “menacing” charge, and he landed a 15-month sentence in jail and was ordered to get domestic violence counseling, the Daily Mail reported.

In November 2009, apparently convinced Quintana was a changed man, Morgan married him. But immigration authorities collared him and deported him to Mexico in December 2010.

The wife filed for divorce in November 2014, and described Quintana’s “traveling illegally between Colorado and Mexico” since he was deported. She couldn’t serve him with papers, but in December 2016, cops located Quintana at a house in Castle Rock, arrested him, and held him for extradition for crimes in New Mexico.

He never got there. Immigration and Customs Enforcement collared him in April 2017 and deported him.

Sadly, confused “Alec” didn’t know why her father was gone. On July 4 that year, the Daily Mail reported, she tweeted her despair: “And I wonder why my dad left.”

NBC: Erickson bulled kids

Arrested in the shooting at the school on May 7 were McKinney and Devon Erickson, a disturbed-looking kid with a shock of bright purple hair.

Erickson posted anti-Trump material and bashed Christians on Facebook. “You know what I hate?” he wrote in 2014. “All these Christians who hate gays, yet in the bible, it says in Deuteronomy 17:12-13, if someone doesn’t do what their priest tells them to do, they are supposed to die.” Erickson wrote that the Bible “has plenty of crazy stuff like that. But all they get out of it is ‘ewwwwww gays.’”

Friends told the Daily Mail that Erickson recently split from his girlfriend.

He and McKinney, friends said, have serious mental health problems, which might just be one reason they stole guns from Erickson’s house and went to the school to kill.

The New York Post reported that McKinney is or was on Adderall, a drug for Attention Deficit Disorder, and wrote on Twitter that didn’t she didn’t much care for her fellow STEM students. :“F*** stem kids i swear to f***ing god,” she wrote.

A friend said the two were disturbed.

“Devon did not do what he did because he’s liberal or to make a statement,” the friend wrote. “He did it due to internal struggles. They’re both struggling with mental health issues.... Alec did not do this because he’s trans, but had people supported him in the way he needed and deserved, he would not have struggled so much that he got pushed over the edge.”

Continued the friend, “They did a horrible thing, but please, please recognize that mental health awareness is important. Supporting LGBT youth is important. They didn't get the help they needed, and they NEEDED it.”

Last week, NBC and other news outlets reported that Erickson bullied young kids at the school, and that, according to an internal letter by a school official, one parent tried to warn the school that “many students are suicidal and violent” and “several students have reported sexual assault and nothing is being done.” Prior to the shooting, the parent said the climate at the school was right for a “perfect storm” and warned of a repeat of the massacre at Columbine High School 25 years ago.

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