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Eleven-year-old Girl Run Over for Being White

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When Steven Ray Becky, 19, was driving his Volkswagen Jetta through a residential area of Draper, Utah, he spotted something that enraged him: an eleven-year old girl riding an electric scooter.

It wasn’t that he had anything against the girl personally — he apparently did not know her. And he apparently has no animus against electric scooters. What he did not like about the girl was her white skin color.

At least that is what Becky said, explaining to police that he targeted her “because she was white.” The white girl was taken to a local hospital with serious head injuries and a fractured hip, and Becky has been charged with attempted homicide and DUI with serious bodily injury.

After swerving “intentionally” to hit the girl, he slammed into a decorative boulder, flipping the Jetta onto its roof. Then, Becky exited his vehicle, charged the girl and told her, “We all have to die sometime.” He was apprehended by a bystander who had witnessed the attack, after Becky attempted to flee the scene.

Draper Police Chief John Eining said of the incident, “This is not what I would describe as someone that had veered into the gal or drifted into the gal. My description would be that this is somebody that turned into the gal.”

Home security cameras captured the incident, and a local reporter who viewed the video described the assault as “extremely graphic, disturbing, and hard to watch.”

It is probable that some will try to chalk the incident up to Becky’s being under the influence of drugs, but the fact that he would specifically mention her skin color indicates that the drugs only caused him to act upon his pre-existing hatred of persons of white skin, even though Becky is white himself.

It should not be surprising that such an incident took place, considering the almost incessant drum beat of anti-white racist rhetoric emanating from the political Left. In fact, just a few days ago, a man was beat up and thrown onto live railroad tracks in Pittsburgh. The assailant later admitted that his motivation was “because he [the victim] was white.”

In fact, during the Obama administration, it was official government policy to teach that white people are the recipients of a “white privilege” not afforded those who are not white. Orders were given to the military to teach this racist belief. In 2016, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Georgia, were told in a training session, “Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual. Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans.”

The training promoted the concept known as “white privilege.”

The term “white privilege” evidently was first used among the radicals of the 1960s, after an essay was included in a radical pamphlet entitled “White Blindspot.” The essay mentioned the “struggle” (a term often used by Marxists in an effort to radicalize certain segments of society) against what it called white skin privilege, and was widely read among members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other groups of the New Left.

In fact, Bernardine Dohrn, a leader in the violent Weather Underground and wife of terrorist Bill Ayers (who bombed New York City police headquarters in 1970), wrote an article in a 1977 issue of Lesbian Tide in which she used the term.

Today, the concept of “white privilege” is accepted dogma in liberal academic circles.

Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, plans to operate a “safe space” in the fall of 2019 for recovering white people to admit that they are, by virtue of being white, anti-black racists. At the meetings, students can confess to their racism and their white privilege. The program to get whites to talk about their racism was developed by a local Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA).

If this were the only institution of higher learning in which such anti-white bigotry was being subsidized by the taxpayer, it might be amusing. But such taxpayer-paid denigration of people simply because of their skin color is widespread. A math education professor at the University of Illinois has even argued that teachers must understand that skills in algebra and geometry buttress “unearned” white privilege. She argued that use of such terms as the Pythagorean Theorem and pi “perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.”

And, of course, the media do their share in instilling this hatred of white people. Examples abound, but one might recall that it was not enough for the media to simply report that the killing of a young black man in Florida, Trayvon Martin, was perpetrated by a Hispanic man, George Zimmerman — they felt the need to add the adjective white before “Hispanic.”

What is this all about? After all, this type of activity is divisive, and perpetuates racism more than it reduces it. For some, such as Steven Ray Becky, they may even be motivated to do violence on a white person, even an innocent 11-year-old girl minding her own business. Perhaps he would not have acted on the anti-white racist rantings so pervasive in our society if he were not using drugs, such as marijuana and mushrooms. But he did act.

Telling “people of color” that all human beings with white skin are racists by nature is hardly comforting to a black person. Fomenting division in society, long a tactic of the Left — young vs. old, rich vs. poor, men vs. women, Jews vs. Christians — helps in their goal, as former President Barack Obama put it in 2008, to “fundamentally transform” American society.

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