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ICE Report: Sanctuary Calif. Cities Released Illegals Who Murdered and Raped

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For years, sanctuary localities across the country have refused to honor detainers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement when the federal agency asks them to hold illegal-alien criminals for deportation.

The result: Violent criminals are freed to murder and rape; illegal-alien drunks are loosed upon law-abiding motorists; and dope dealers are set free to ply their murderous trade.

But now, ICE will offer reports that will show Americans just how much damage subversive sanctuary officials have done — and are doing — in releasing illegal-alien criminals.

Report Required
The agency will publish the reports quarterly, the agency noted, pursuant to President Trump’s Executive Order 1376.

The reports, ICE noted on Monday, “will highlight cases where ICE issued a detainer, the detainer was declined, and the alien subsequently committed a crime after being released from state or local custody. Because ICE is often not alerted by uncooperative jurisdictions when a detainer has been declined, and because ICE may only learn of the detainer having been declined after an alien is arrested for a subsequent offense, the cases contained in this report are examples of a broader public safety issue and are not exhaustive.”

Chicago is one of the more recent notable cases of a sanctuary city’s adamant refusal to help ICE. As The New American reported last week, the city’s anti-American subversive mayor, black lesbian Lori Lightfoot, flatly stated she would not cooperate with ICE raids scheduled to begin on July 14. The city also closed its criminal databases to ICE.

The illegal-alien criminals that cities such as Chicago release pose a danger not only to the public but also to ICE agents who attempt an arrest after the illegal has acquired a weapon, the report says. As well, when sanctuaries reject a detainer, ICE has to waste time and resources tracking down the freed illegals.

A Murder and a Rape Thanks to Two Sanctuaries
The agency has already released its first report, which collated data on 16 cases was from between January 1, 2018 and March 31, 2018.

Among the crimes for which sanctuary city officials are morally culpable by refusing to honor detainers are a murder and a rape.

On January 7 last year, the report says, Los Angeles cops collared a 30-year-old Mexican illegal on a drug charge. ICE issued a detainer the same day, but sanctuary L.A. freed him. A month later, LAPD arrested him for murder. ICE has issued another detainer, and this time, the cops haven’t freed him. Of course, if they hadn’t freed him the first time, he couldn’t have murdered whoever he murdered.

On December 8, 2017, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 28-year-old Mexican illegal on a probation violation, which raises the obvious question of why he wasn’t deported after the crime that earned him that sentence. Answer: sanctuary.

The next day, the report says, ICE issued a detainer that the sheriff’s office refused to honor and so released the illegal-alien thug.

On January 16, 2018, cops arrested him for rape and threatening crime with intent to terrorize. ICE issued yet another detainer on January 17, but San Luis Obispo released him again.

On January 23, 2018, ICE finally caught the Mexican sex fiend. He was deported October 4, 2018.

Multiple Arrests, Multiple Detainers Refused
Yet perhaps the most eye-opening cases that divulge just how mulish the sanctuaries are involve multiple arrests for violent crime and multiple refusals to honor detainers.

Cops in sanctuary San Francisco, the report avers, rejected at least nine detainers on a Honduran illegal they arrested 10 times.

Police collared the Honduran thug on February 20, 2018 for multiple crimes including auto theft. The same day, ICE issued a detainer, but cops of course refused it and freed him.

Cops arrested him again on April 18 on an outstanding warrant for burglary and car theft. Again on the same day, ICE issued a detainer, which the city again ignored. Cops arrested him again on April 30 and refused an ICE detainer issued on May 1.

Cops arrested him on August 10, September 14 and 28, November 16, December 10, and January 3 and 21, 2019 on myriad charges. The city refused to honor six of those detainers. ICE did not report the result of the detainer issue on January 21.

Authorities in Santa Cruz, the report says, arrested a Mexican illegal twice for beating his wife and refused two ICE detainers, then arrested him again for drunk driving and assault with a deadly weapon and refused that detainer. That suspect, ICE believes, is still at large.

Authorities in San Jose arrested a Mexican doper and car thief seven times and refused at least six detainers.

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