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Affidavit: Prince Andrew Flew on Lolita Express. Flight Logs, Palace Records Appear to Back Epstein Victim’s Claims

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Former President Bill Clinton isn’t the only one of the rich and famous to enjoy many a ride on the “Lolita Express,” the notorious jet that belonged to deceased sex-offender and Deep State financier Jeffrey Esptein, who was under indictment for sex trafficking when he supposedly hanged himself in his jail cell.

Another passenger, an affidavit in recently released court documents alleges, was Britain’s Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Andrew flew on the Lolita Express multiple times, including on its maiden flight in 2001.

The revelation surfaced in a 2,000-page document dump from the defamation case of Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman accused of procuring women for Epstein and of abusing them herself.

That case, settled in 2017, is the source of lurid allegations against a plethora of prominent politicians and other figures.

Even worse for the heir to the British crown is this: Flight logs and his schedule put him in the same three places where, Giuffre says, she had sex with him.

Fly Lolita Air
David Rodgers, who piloted Epstein’s jets, claims Andrew flew with Giuffre multiple times, Britain’s Sun newspaper reported.

Rodgers, 66, “said one trip saw Epstein, Andrew and the then 17-year-old Virginia heading to the US Virgin Islands.... Rodgers’ legal deposition marks the first time anyone has alleged Andrew and Virginia were on Epstein’s plane at the same time.”

Rodgers affidavit says Andrew flew with Giuffre twice, the Sun reported.

He says the Virgin Islands flight took place on 11 April 2001 — with Maxwell also among the guests.

Rodgers also claims Andrew was on a flight on 31 March from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Florida.

He says others passengers on the 22-seat Gulfstream jet included Epstein, Maxwell and Virginia.

Royal Court Circular documents show Andrew had engagements in London on March 28 and April 2 — so it is possible he could have been on the Epstein plane.

And Andrew, Rodgers claimed, was on Lolita’s maiden flight, August 7, 2001.

The Sun also reported, however, “discrepancies in Rodgers’ testimony,” including a claim that Andrew flew from the Virgin Islands to Florida with Giuffre and Epstein on July 4, 2001. “But the Royal diary shows he was in the UK on that date. Flight logs for the trips do not feature Andrew’s name but the initials AP.”

Those initials, the newspaper reported, could refer to other men.

Sex in Three Places
The problem for Andrew, however, isn’t just testimony that he was a regular aboard Epstein’s jet, but flight logs that show he was in the same three places where Giuffre claimed the two had sex.

Londons’ Daily Mail obtained the logs, “which show that one of Epstein’s victims, ‘sex-slave’ Virginia [Giuffre], was flown to London, New York and the Caribbean in 2001. She has claimed that as a 17-year-old she met the duke in all three places and, in each case, research by the Mail suggests the duke was in the same vicinity at the same time.”

As the Miami Herald reported on August 10, Giuffre alleged that Epstein “loaned” her to Andrew three times. Maxwell “asked Giuffre to have sex with Prince Andrew in Maxwell’s London apartment,” the newspaper reported. “Giuffre said she had sex with the prince at three separate ‘geographical locations.’”

The flight logs appear to bear out Giuffre’s claims and Rodgers’ testimony as to her whereabouts.

Giuffre was “flown on a six-day whirlwind tour from Palm Beach to Canada, Paris, Granada in Spain, Tangier in Morocco, and finally touching down at London's Luton airport on March 9,” the Daily Mail reported.

There is nothing in the Court Circular about the duke’s whereabouts, but [Giuffre] claims this was when the now-notorious photo was taken of herself with him at Miss Maxwell’s London apartment. A month later, on Monday April 9, the duke began an official visit to the US in his capacity as chairman of the trustees of the Outward Bound Trust.

That day’s Court Circular states he departed “this morning” from London’s Heathrow Airport, arriving in New York later that day. As it was an official trip, the flight was funded by British taxpayers.

The same day, [Giuffre] also flew to New York....

The next morning, a Tuesday, the Duke flew to Boston for a series of royal engagements. According to [Giuffre’s] claims in newspaper interviews, it was around this time — Easter — that she was ordered to Epstein’s mansion in New York and met Andrew again.

The next time they met, Giuffre claims, was in the Caribbean. She flew to Epstein’s sex island on April 11, as the pilot’s testimony and logs show, while Andrew, palace records show, was in the Bahamas on vacation with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughters by April 15. The record, the Mail reported, don't show his whereabouts between April 11 and April 15.

“The duke was there for one night,” Giuffre claims.

For Andrew’s part, “it is emphatically denied” that he had sex with Giuffre or forced Giuffre into sex. “Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.”

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