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Two More Illegals Arrested for Sex Crimes in Maryland, at Least Seven in Six Weeks

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Two more illegal aliens were arrested and charged with sex crimes in Montgomery County, Maryland, last week.

That brings the total to at least seven since July 25, Washington, D.C.’s WJLA TV reported.

The county’s sanctuary policies don’t appear to be responsible for giving the suspects the chance to commit the crimes, but one of the pair nearly got away before Immigration and Customs Enforcement could file a detainer.

As it is, that suspect posted bond to get free on a federal immigration charge.

Stepdaughter Raped, Police Allege
“A man accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in her grandmother’s bedroom had been deported from the United States less than three years ago, officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to ABC7,” the station’s Kevin Lewis reported.

The suspect is the girls’ stepfather, Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez, 37, who lives in Hyattsville, Maryland. He faces charges of second-degree rape, sex abuse of a minor, third-degree sex offense, and fourth-degree sex offense, Lewis reported.

On August 26, Lewis reported, the 15-year-old victim told cops that Carrasco-Hernandez “sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions between August 16 and August 25 of this year.”

In one particular instance, the victim stated she was in her grandmother's bedroom when Carrasco-Hernandez entered, pulled down her pants and underwear and began biting her shirt. The 5-foot-7-inches tall, 200-pound man then slowly walked the victim to the bed's edge and lowered his own pants.

“[S]he could not move and Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez was squishing her with his body,” detectives wrote in court documents.

What's alleged to have followed is too graphic to publish. The victim, however, reported having trouble using the bathroom afterward because it was “very painful” and “stinging.” She also shared that Carrasco-Hernandez would kiss her lips, neck, ears, back and waist....

The victim’s mother — who is also Carrasco-Hernandez’s wife — told ABC7 by telephone Saturday that she heard noises coming from the bedroom, opened the door and was shocked by what she saw.

“I shouted, ‘What’s going on here!? Tell me the truth!'”

The mother said the encounter was likely “consensual” and that her husband was drunk, Lewis reported.

ICE told Lewis that Carrasco-Hernandez is a Honduran illegal whom authorities deported in April 2017. Officials don’t know when he re-enteterd the country, a major felony punishable by up to 20 year in prison.

Illegal Blames “Culture” for Crime
Also last week, Lewis reported, county cops collared another illegal, Nestor Lopez-Guzman, 21, who lives in Rockville, Maryland.

The Salvadoran illegal, police allege, molested a 12-year-old, who said he is “touchative.”

The girl stated the 21-year-old made a habit of groping her private parts while saying things like, “how delicious.” In one instance, Lopez-Guzman reportedly bribed the girl for sexual favors in exchange for use of the television remote control located in the basement of the home.

“[Lopez-Guzman] stated he ‘wanted it’ and to ‘give me it,’” detectives wrote in court documents obtained by ABC7. “[Lopez-Guzman] started touching her leg with his right hand, moving it to her [genitals].”

On a different day, Lopez-Guzman allegedly grabbed the 12-year-old’s breasts as she held her nine-month-old baby sister. The victim stated she would always try her best to kick and push the 6-foot-1, 170-pound man away. Her younger brother would also help pry Lopez-Guzman off at times, police noted.

At first, the girl’s brother denied seeing the crimes, but then confessed to a teacher at school that Lopez-Guzman molested him, too.

Lopez -Guzman told cops that his touching the boy was just a “‘cultural joke’ that was ‘common in El Salvador,’” Lewis reported.

Despite the accusations, a county judge would have freed the suspect on an unsecured bond if ICE hadn’t arrived at the jail in time to file a detainer.

The Salvadoran illegal “ultimately managed to post an undisclosed bond in federal immigration court and is currently living at an unknown address.”

In the last six weeks, Lewis reported, cops in the sanctuary county have arrested “at least” seven illegals — all from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador — for raping and sexually assaulting girls from 11 to 16 years old in in Germantown, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Wheaton.

The New American summarized two of those reports in August.

The sheriff of neigbhoring Frederick County, Chuck Jenkins, spoke to Fox News about the county’s sanctuary policy. “What [Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has] done effectively is jeopardize public safety throughout the entire central part of Maryland.”

In July, Elrich accused ICE of “terrorism.”

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